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Insider Report: Hurricane-trashed Bentley gets one very rough tow

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Following a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy comes the task of cleaning up the automotive flotsam along with picking up all of the other pieces. When it comes to scrapping damaged cars, the original value is of little to no difference. Rather than being collected by proper, modern tow trucks, many once special machines are picked up by scrappers in beater pickups with a-frame tow bars.

This Bentley Continental GTC is just one example, being dragged half sideways on two wheels. Not good for an all-wheel drive system, but this car is not destined for any sort of resale! One has to wonder if this is the same Bentley that is being used as a river boat in the second video that you can see here.

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Ride along with ACP at Targa Newfoundland

The Wheels team has a bit of a love affair with the annual Targa Newfoundland. It goes deeper than just the fact that Wheels’ own Jim Kenzie has been a fixture at the event since its inception. Rally has been called the most pure form of motorsport, as drivers attack real roads in real cars, as they were meant to. Just about every true motorsport fan has day dreamed about blasting through a twisty, turny neighbourhood street without fear of repercussions. Competitors at Targa get to do just that.

Canadian rally star Andrew Comrie Picard won the modern division this year and set the fastest time on the famous Brigus stage that takes teams through an incredible 17th century town. It is a favourite among drivers and spectators alike. Ride along with ACP on his winning pass.

Bring a Trailer find of the week: ’83 Volvo 245T Targa veteran

Back in the ’90s, I spent six years working for a major Toronto area Volvo retailer. At the time, I became a pretty avid fan of the brand’s earlier models, specifically what fans call Turbo Bricks. The Volvo 240 was the undeniable workhorse of the automotive market, but when equipped with the turbo engine, a few minor tweaks turned it into the ultimate sleeper. My personal fave was my ’83 two door, which surprised many a Fox bodied Mustang owner in its time. My lovely wife on the other hand had a spectacular silver 240 Turbo wagon.

I just came across this ad at Bring A Trailer, for this super cool looking 1983 245 Turbo that competed at Targa Newfoundland this year. Currently in Massachusetts, the car was a non-finisher, due to a failed Megasquirt EFI system. Regardless, this would be a great platform for all sorts of motorsport. I wouldn’t mind owning this one!

The Volvette – To punish and Enslave…

While I was a lover of the Turbo Brick, there was a sub-culture in the Volvo enthusiast scene that loved nothing more than stuffing a Chevy small-block under the hood of a 240. The V8 fit perfectly and turned the square box into a tire shredding terror. I didn’t realize it, but the V8 Volvo conversion is still alive and well and being performed on more modern wagons.

Meet the Volvette. You guessed it, this is a Volvo V70 stuffed full of Corvette Z06.

  • Insider Report: Hurricane-trashed Bentley gets one very rough tow
  • Insider Report: Hurricane-trashed Bentley gets one very rough tow
  • Insider Report: Hurricane-trashed Bentley gets one very rough tow
  • Insider Report: Hurricane-trashed Bentley gets one very rough tow

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