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INSIDER REPORT: Ride with Rhys Millen

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Audi may be the manufacturer that comes to mind for most fans when they think of Pikes Peak, but thanks to Rhys Millen, Hyundai looks set to be the icon of the future at the peak. The 2012 running of the famed Pikes Peak Hill Climb was the first since the road has been paved all the way to the top. It wasn’t a case of whether old records would fall, rather it was a case of who would be the one to beat them more than the rest.

The Millen name is equally legendary on the hill, and it would be Rhys, son of Rod, who would be the king of the hill this year in his Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Entered in the Time Attack class, the younger Millen not only won the event overall, but set a new world record of 9:46.164 in the 700 horsepower Hyundai. I’m sure there will be tons of awesome video of Millen’s run in the coming days, but for now check out his qualifying run earlier in the weekend.

Bonneville through the eyes of Freiberger
You don’t need to be a massive gearhead to know that the names Bonneville and Hot Rod Magazine are two of the most influential names in the history of North American automotive culture. The two have been closely linked since the early days of rodding after the end of the Second World War. The hardest of the hardcore still consider Bonneville to be their Mecca, while Hot Rod has been around to document the scene since Day One. Thanks largely to editor-in-chief David Freiberger’s vision, Hot Rod has been one of the few automotive print mags that has taken the new media bull by the horns and continues to thrive. Freiberger went to Bonneville last weekend and snapped a huge gallery of jaw droppingly cool images. It is just wrong that we don’t have this much cool here in Ontario. You can check it out here.

This is why NASCAR needs more road course races
In case you missed Wheels’ Norris McDonald’s column on Sunday and didn’t see the NASCAR race at The Glen, I dug up a clip of the last lap. I know a lot of you, including Norris, are roundy-round fans, but there is just now way possible that the good old boys of NASCAR could have a finish this exciting on an oval! NASCAR fans love crashes, they love smoke, they love passing and this one lap has it all!

Watch this video and then please explain to me why NASCAR doesn’t race on more road courses.

The Mayor of Hinchtown is a master impressionist
On Friday afternoon, I spent some quality time touring General Motors’ St. Catherines plant with Oakville’s James Hinchcliffe. I have to admit that I am feeling somewhat deflated after watching the following clip of Dave Despain’s Wind Tunnel show on Sunday night. As much time as I have spent with the IndyCar star, I had no idea that he is a master impressionist! Hinch’s impression of Formula 1 star Kimi Raikkonen is eerily accurate!

In case you are reading, Hinch, you owe me (and our readers) a big one next time! Maybe you can have a go at imitating the boss!

  • INSIDER REPORT: Ride with Rhys Millen
  • INSIDER REPORT: Ride with Rhys Millen
  • INSIDER REPORT: Ride with Rhys Millen
  • INSIDER REPORT: Ride with Rhys Millen

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