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Insider Report: Raging bull challenges motorists in Spain

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Here in Canada, road rage encounters with angry moose moms are about as wild as it gets. But across the Atlantic, Spanish drivers faced an even more raging challenge last week in the form of an angry bull. From what I can figure out in this story from Loranca of Tajunya, it’s bull fighting season and “mishaps” of the bovine variety are fairly common. Not surprising really. If I were a bull and had half a clue what these silly humans planned to do with me, I’d go berserk too.

This particular bull got loose from its field next to one of the busiest highways in Spain, where it wreaked havoc among the motorists. The angry bull was not injured, but it certainly caused some “injuries” to the vehicles in its path.

Greenpeace protest at Spa. What the TV cameras did not show.
As the cameras followed the pre race action on the front straight at Spa-Francorchamps on Sunday, viewers did not get to see the excitement in the sky as Greenpeace protesters flew in on motorized paragliders before being shooed away by helicopters. Were they protesting Formula 1 and its affect on the environment? Nope. They were protesting series sponsor Shell for their Arctic drilling activities. The protesters also rappelled down from the top of the grandstands before the race to display large banners.

This is where it gets really weird. As the podium ceremonies went on, a trio of protesters attempted to rappel down from above the podium to get their banners on camera. Two of them were stopped before they made their descent.

One would think that Bernie Ecclestone’s crew seriously need to look into their event security. I mean, come on. At most races now, fans can’t bring water bottles or cameras into the circuit and some facilities bags are searched on the way in. How did these guys manage to gain access to a Formula 1 circuit with bags full of climbing gear?

Thanks to Supercar Sounds for catching this on camera.

Speeding it up with Patrick Dempsey
“Driver change.” Teammates on an endurance racing team become rather close, sharing meals, personal space and even having to drive in a seat that is soaked with someone else’s pee. “Driver change.” Yes, it can be gross at times, but it can also be pretty funny. Just ask acting superstar, Patrick Dempsey, and his teammates Patrick Long and Joe Foster.

Meet the WaterCar Panther
Most people who aren’t really car fanatics have no clue that there really is such a thing as an Amphicar. Built in Germany from 1961-68, the little two door convertible combined features of both cars and boats. The Amphicar was reasonable, but not good, on land and sea. Good enough that they built and sold close to 4,000 of them.

A new machine from the States called the WaterCar Panther performs better than many cars and boats in their intended venue. Big performance on land and water is a huge step towards making this a viable vehicle. The fact that it looks like someone let a bunch of Manila taxi drivers loose on a Jeep is mildly annoying but I suppose one could outfit one a bit more tastefully! Speaking of outfitting it, the Panther can be bought in the U.S. as a rolling chassis, a complete vehicle sans engine or as a complete vehicle depending on your budget and willingness to do some work yourself.

15 Seconds With: 2014 Range Rover S/C
On my Morocco drive with the new Rangie, I got to test the vehicle’s offroad talents, but there is much more to this machine than just storming a wet desert. The Range Rover is one classy machine that is capable of taming the twisty bits.

  • Insider Report: Raging bull challenges motorists in Spain
  • Insider Report: Raging bull challenges motorists in Spain
  • Insider Report: Raging bull challenges motorists in Spain
  • Insider Report: Raging bull challenges motorists in Spain
  • Insider Report: Raging bull challenges motorists in Spain

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