Insider Report: Vodka or hormones? Russian teen tussles with police

Oh Russia. How can we explain the things that happen in your land?

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Oh Russia. How can we explain the things that happen in your land? We all know that teenage males can be goofy (sorry if you are a teenage male, but stats back this up) and are even worse when fueled by booze or some other intoxicant, but I like to think that even my kid and his buddies are smart enough to know that you don’t mess with the police. Ever. Especially Russian police.

We’ve all heard stories about Russian police and their propensity for making problems go away, so it boggles the mind to see how this young lad openly taunts officers. It is more than a little bit surprising that this kid was not given a lesson in Wild West style justice.

Warning: Some salty language.

Jeff Gordon gets even with Jalopnik staffer
A year ago, shared a video that was essentially a full blown marketing gig that saw NASCAR ace Jeff Gordon take an unsuspecting new car customer on an over the top new car road test. Despite the mounds of money spent on the short film, there were questions, like: “Was that really Jeff Gordon” that many viewers asked. One such viewer was Jalopnik scribe Travis Okulski, who started digging. Okulski, uncovered the truth that everyone in the ad were actors, including the driver claiming to be Gordon. This led Okulski to write a number of follow up posts, not to mention being interviewed on a number of television and web shows. Gordon was not impressed and vowed to get revenge.

They say that revenge is sweet, but Gordon’s revenge is nothing short of epic. After you watch the video below, head on over to Jalopnik to read Okulski’s take on Gordon’s retribution.

This is what driving the London Grand Prix could look like
Call it a pipe dream, but a group has been pushing to host a Grand Prix on the streets of London. There are many who think the idea is a non-starter, but new legislation passed this week may have reduced the number of hurdles organizers would need to cross to make it happen.

They first trotted out this vision of what an F1 race track might look like a couple of years ago and have re-posted it to help generate some buzz for the project that some suspected was dead in the water.

Watch from onboard as a flaming Mazda RX-3 carves through the field in Jamaica
As old man Winter seems to have tightened his grip on Southern Ontario again this morning, I thought I would share some racing footage from the islands to heat things up a bit. When most people think of Jamaica, they think of sunny skies, sandy beaches and never-ending cocktails at the swim up bar. Real gearheads know that Jamaica is a hotbed of hot cars and racing action.

First up, I have to share this grainy older video from a gent named Mark Maloney at a track called Dover Raceway. Maloney starts the race a few rows back from the start in his wicked sounding Mazda RX-3 but quickly disposes of the competition, including a last generation RX-7. True to rotary form, Maloney’s beast blows fearsome flames from the exhaust when he lifts the throttle, so much so that the interior of the car lights up!

Have a look at this video from the 2013 Carnival of Speed at the track in St Ann, Jamaica if for no other reason then to warm up!

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