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Insider Report: Prius driver takes arrogant parking to another level

  • Car queue in the bad traffic road. Selective focus.

A while back I posted a photo of an Aston Martin that had been parked in a rather obnoxious fashion. The topic of self-entitlement in the parking lot stirred up a rather heated discussion about the pros and cons of parking. The readers of Jalopnik have done it again and submitted another completely lazy and arrogant parking job. This time, the car is a Prius.

This driver has parked in a no parking zone, right between two handicapped parking spots. It’s a no parking zone because there is a ramp to enable those who require the spots to roll up onto the sidewalk. While this guy might fool his neighbours into thinking he’s a nice guy because he drives a green car, that still doesn’t prevent one from being a truly self-centred driver. I can pretty much guarantee that this driver’s response when questioned would be something along the lines of, “Oh, I’m just running in for a minute”. This leads me to ask you the reader: Is it OK to block a handicapped spot just because you will only be there for a few minutes?

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Behind the scenes at Hollywood Hot Rods

As much as I would love to build my own hot rod, I have never learned the fabrication skills needed to do the job. Sure, I could probably wrap my head around chopping something simple like a Model T but anything beyond that is just out of my league. Troy Ladd is a guy on the west coast who not only has the vision, but the skills to back them up. Ten years ago, Ladd got tired of “Working for the man” and decided it was time to start building hot rods full time. The result was the now famous, Hollywood Hot Rods. The folks at Power TV went behind the scenes with Ladd to see what makes Hollywood Hot Rods tick.

Multimatic and Haas buy Lola name

I don’t typically get in to much in the way of business content here in the Insider Report, let alone the racing business. It is typically a bit too dry to keep me interested enough to make it interesting for readers. Yesterday’s news that the Lola brand has been sold however, has a couple of Toronto area connections that make it a bit more juicy.

Lola is, or was, a long time racing sports car manufacturer in the UK. Earlier this year, the Lola company went into receivership, meaning that no new Lola race cars would be built and teams currently campaigning the cars, such as Dyson Racing were left with a big hole in their future plans. The brand has been saved, thanks to a pair of partners. Long time North American importer Carl A. Haas Automobile Imports, led by Carl Haas of Indycar fame, have joined forces with Toronto area firm Multimatic Engineering. Multimatic, a supplier to many auto manufacturers, has also been a big player in the international sports car racing scene for years and has had considerable success including wins at the Daytona and Le Mans 24 hour races along with many series championships.

Toronto area endurance racer, Tony Burgess, is an integral part of the Dyson Racing team, who will continue to drive for the powerhouse team. I was fortunate to interview Burgess earlier this year, when the team raced in the Grand Prix of Mosport.

The video from Dyson racing below, shows the team’s Mazda powered Lola B12/66 in action during the 2012 Mosport race.

  • Insider Report: Prius driver takes arrogant parking to another level
  • Insider Report: Prius driver takes arrogant parking to another level
  • Insider Report: Prius driver takes arrogant parking to another level
  • Insider Report: Prius driver takes arrogant parking to another level

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