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Insider Report: Mr. Clean goes head-to-head with Bad Dad

I just can’t say this enough times, road rage is stupid because you never know  just how dangerous the other guy is going to be. Of course today’s incident comes from the streets of the former Soviet Union. It features a Toyota minivan carrying a family and some guy who looks like Mr. Clean, driving a white Porsche Cayenne. Clearly, the driver of the Toyota did something to tick off the driver of the Porsche, who then snaps and starts laying a beating on the van. What he doesn’t realize is that his “victim” is apparently just as crazy as he is. As the musclebound aggressor is getting back in his car, minivan Dad snaps and slams the Toyota into the SUV.

It’s a pitched battle of addled wits, with a competitor in a steroid rage being trumped by an unstable family man with his wife and kid in the car.

Barrie ALMS racer got his start in F1600
Formula Ford. For decades this was the default name for Formula 1600, arguably the most important stepping-stone series for motorsports around the globe. Just like most F1 champions got their start at the wheel of a kart, most also raced Fords. These days, the Canadian version of the series is called the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship. The latest in a series of interviews with series alumni showcases American Le Mans Series racer Kyle Marcelli. The Barrie native got his start in the series before moving to the ultra competitive ALMS LMP2 class, where he has proven himself against some of the world’s top drivers.

A new management team of the series is hard at work raising the profile of this important form of racing in Canada, so we can continue to have stars like Marcelli to cheer for on the world stage.

Crazy Ford Supervan attacks the hill at Goodwood
The Goodwood Festival of Speed took place last weekend on Lord March’s driveway in rural England. The event is always guaranteed to bring some cool machinery out of storage, but also a bit of weird. Take this Ford Supervan as an example. Based on a transit delivery van, this monster looks more like a race car than a van as touring car ace Anthony Reid pedals it up the hill.

The strange thing is that my kids knew exactly what a Supervan was, even though I had never seen one, because it’s a choice in one of their video games.

Sweepstakes rides again
Many people probably don’t realize that Ford wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the early days of auto racing. Henry Ford’s first car company was a failure, so he decided to build a race car in 1901 and set out to try to win a race, figuring that the purse would supply the cash he needed to continue. Against all odds, Ford succeeded in winning and the Ford Motor Company was on its way.

NASCAR star Carl Edwards recently had the opportunity to drive that race car, called Sweepstakes. It is a very different drive than he is used to and Edwards says it is his favourite car of all time!

Driving a Jaguar C-Type on the Mille Miglia
Unlike many of my auto journalist friends, I am not a raving fan of British auto journo Chris Harris’s work. He comes across as being a bit too pompous for my liking. In fairness, I have never met the man, so he might be just fine in person. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, this video follows Harris as he competes in the legendary Mille Miglia rally at the wheel of a Jaguar C-Type that was once owned by Juam Manuel Fangio.
It is one of the best videos I have seen from Harris, and the cars and event are rather spectacular too.

  • Insider Report: Mr. Clean goes head-to-head with Bad Dad
  • Insider Report: Mr. Clean goes head-to-head with Bad Dad
  • Insider Report: Mr. Clean goes head-to-head with Bad Dad
  • Insider Report: Mr. Clean goes head-to-head with Bad Dad
  • Insider Report: Mr. Clean goes head-to-head with Bad Dad

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