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Insider Report: Pistol-toting man takes road rage to new low

Last week I showed you a video that shows what happens when pedestrians get fed up with drivers ignoring their rights. If today’s lead-in video is any indication, the insanity of Russian traffic has reached a whole new level of crazy. As the car with the dash camera approaches, a man and a young boy can be seen walking through a crosswalk. Suddenly, the man, presumably the boy’s father, raises his arm with an object that looks like a pistol and then we hear a bang. He then calmly resumes walking, holding the hand of the child who witnessed the entire bizarre incident. There is no indication he actually hit anything, so perhaps he was shooting blanks to scare drivers who might disobey the crosswalk. Either way, I don’t think I want to drive (or walk for that matter) in Russia any time soon.

In the wake of the massive tornado in Oklahoma, posted a story about a company called Rapid Rotation Tours that takes specially built tornado intercept vehicle’s aka TIV, into the eye of a storm to record just how nasty the weather really is. As you can see in the photo above from Jalopnik, these are specially built machines with bullet proof glass and body armour that is designed not only to protect the occupants from impact, but to ensure that the vehicle stays hunkered down on the ground. These are smart people with a taste for a combination of science and adventure.

The folks at The Weather Channel are not quite so smart.

The folks at The Weather Channel set their reporters up in more or less stock appearing GMC SUVs and then sent them out into the field. The vehicle, wearing big “Tornado Hunt 2013” logos, was picked up by a tornado just outside of Oklahoma City on Friday and was tossed about 200 metres. Fortunately the safety equipment that General Motors installed worked, as the airbags all deployed, allowing TWC staffers to escape with minor injuries despite the totalled vehicle. To keep the public in the loop, TWC then tweeted the before and after photos you see above.

If weather reporting stations are going to chase storms, perhaps they should budget for proper vehicles so that their staff do not become statistics.

#FAIL of the day goes to this drag racer
Call me mean spirited, but there are few things I find funnier than watching some poor sap at a stoplight, who has gone over the line when the light turned red and then backs up out of the intersection. Inevitably, the driver forgets to shift from Reverse to Drive. Everyone else is just waiting to see if he figures it out before releasing the brake and slamming into the car behind him.

This video is sort of like that, only the cheering of the crowd makes it even better!

That’s A Man’s Corner
The title here could just has easily been “It’s not new to me, but this is man’s country, this”, as spoken by Sir Jackie Stewart about the Isle of Man TT. While Sir Jackie may have gotten himself in hot water recently for some of his chauvinistic comments, I suspect few will debate his sentiments regarding the annual motorcycle race on the Isle of Man. The race has claimed many lives over the years, including one just last week, and yet continues to be run. It is one of the most pure forms of any sport. Man” and machine against some of the most intense real roads. That is not to say there haven’t been female riders, it is just that most women are too smart to tempt fate.

The TT is happening right now, so you can be sure I’ll have some great video to share in the coming days or weeks. For now, enjoy this compilation which gives a glimpse of just how crazy the TT is.

  • Insider Report: Pistol-toting man takes road rage to new low
  • Insider Report: Pistol-toting man takes road rage to new low
  • Insider Report: Pistol-toting man takes road rage to new low
  • Insider Report: Pistol-toting man takes road rage to new low
  • Insider Report: Pistol-toting man takes road rage to new low

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