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Insider Report: Pilot lands for quick fill-up at gas station

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As I troll the interwebs looking for new content for the Insider’s Report each day, I continually find videos that defy belief. Many of these videos I sadly can’t share as they contain obvious personal injury as a result of someone’s odd actions. Then, there are things that are just plain old weird, scenes that make me think I have now seen everything. This is one of those.

Coming to us from what appears to be from the Wild West-like streets of Russia, here’s a video of an ultralight airplane pilot who has landed to fill up his fuel tank. The problem is, this is not an airport. No, this guy has landed at a highway service station. Once full, he and his passenger taxi out onto the exit and stop to wait for traffic to pass before taking off on the highway!


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Ferrari partners with UPS and makes a special delivery

Any time a racing team makes a new corporate partnership, a flurry of press releases is sent out to make sure the world knows they have new money. Rather than just a boring media release, the Ferrari F1 team has chosen to put together a fun video to welcome their newest sponsor, UPS, to the team.

Not quite as much fun as the video they released when their Facebook fan page reached 10 million fans, but still a fun way to waste part of a chilly winter morning.

TRG-AMR Aston Martin Vantage GT4 Debut at Daytona

Away from the motorsports world, the Aston Martin brand is best known as the ride of choice for a certain British spy in the movies. That is a sad thing, because as cool as 007 is, racing is what made Aston a motoring icon. It goes without saying that North America is a huge market for the exclusive brand, so when they decided to launch a factory assault on the racing scene here they decided to partner with a well known team. The Racers Group have enjoyed success in a number of series, usually campaigning Porsches for clients. Their new Aston debuted last month at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, where it raced in the Continental Tire series on Friday afternoon.

In the video, there are several references made to other teams that run Astons. The most prominent of those is Multimatic Racing from right here in the GTA.

NASCAR launches new ad campaign to bolster brand

As the marketing folks at NASCAR attempt to figure out how to rejuvenate their brand, they have started with a massive ad campaign that will air during this weekend’s Daytona 500. The series has finally begun to become a more diverse field, and NASCAR has wisely decided to begin marketing to the Latin community. A series of ad spots have been created that will run in both English and Spanish. The spots feature not only the action in racing, but the rivalries, passions and dramas that unfold in racing. They are good spots. It will be interesting to see if the campaign brings new fans to the stands.

  • Insider Report: Pilot lands for quick fill-up at gas station

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