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Insider Report: Pedestrian gets his revenge on inattentive driver

Distracted pedestrians may be the cause of a large percentage of crosswalk accident statistics, but the reality is that it is still the driver’s responsibility to keep their eyes on the road. Fortunately the pedestrian in the clip below had his wits about him as the driver of a Lada Classic very nearly bowls him over in a crosswalk. As we’ve seen in other Russian dash cam clips, you never know who you are dealing with on the roads. The enraged man then attacks the car with a mighty kick, appearing to knock off part of the car. The clip ends early, as the camera car passes the scene, so we’ll never know just how ugly things got in this case.

Watch all of James Bond’s cars in this 1:30 mashup

As a pair of James Bond’s cars are set to go to auction, the folks at Sky Movies in the UK are getting ready to launch all of the 007 flicks in HD on demand. As part of their marketing campaign, Sky has compiled a bunch of clips from the scenes that gearheads love most – the car chases. Bond fanatics will love how they have mashed them all together and made it look as if the six Bond actors are interacting with each other.

Watch a Mustang wheelie through an entire 1/8 mile run

Let’s forget about political correctness and maturity for a moment here. What man doesn’t love a great wheelie? Take any male kid and put him on a bicycle or any wheeled toy and it is just a matter of time before the front wheel/s come off the ground. I’m singling out men here because most females of the species have better control of their stupid gland. Wheelies were cool when we were kids, and for some of us they remain cool as adults!

From Eddyville Raceway in Iowa comes this incredible wheelie from a twin turbo Mustang drag car. When the driver launches off the line, the rear tires hook up hard and up comes the front in spectacular fashion. The driver lifts off the throttle a bit to bring the front end down, but when he gets back on, up it comes again. The front wheels stay in the air for the full length of Eddyville’s 1/8 mile strip. With the wheels in the air, there is no steering, so it is impressive that the ‘Stang continued in a straight line the whole time, otherwise this could have been messy.

Mud bog racer crashes when throttle sticks wide open

Just like tractor pulls and apple pie contests, mud bog racing is a fixture at many rural fairs across North America. With huge engines that breathe fire and build massive horsepower, the mud slinging racers are a big draw for fans. It might just be that whole juvenile wheelie thing taking hold again. On September 2nd, during the annual Michigan Bean Festival, the mud bog race went all sorts of wrong for the driver of this 1948 Chevy bodied machine when his throttle stuck wide open. Thanks to well placed monster bales of hay, the big racer didn’t make it to the farm across the field. As we can see in the video, the driver was not injured thanks to the required safety gear on board.

And now a second video that shows a different angle and gives you an idea of where the truck might have ended up if there hadn’t been barriers.

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