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Insider Report: Parking lot drifter fail

  • Scenic cityscape of downtown Toronto Ontario Canada during a sunny day

We all know by now that parking lot drifting is a bad idea, but some folks never learn. I just came across this video from 2011 that I have never seen before, so I figured it was worth sharing. A kid in his ratty old front wheel drive Celica makes an attempt to do some handbrake drifting in the local shopping mall lot when he comes face to face with a rather obvious obstacle.


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This is not your average farmer’s pickup!

We’ve all seen trucks like this one, crusty and old, with more than a few life scars, trundling along at 10 km/h below the limit with an old farmer behind the wheel. Well, keep that vision in mind when you watch this quick video. This old battle wagon is not like anything you’ve seen outside the local Co-op!

Justin Bell interviews Travis Pastrana. Sort of.

Race car driver turned TV personality, Justin Bell, had set up an interview spot with extreme sport star Travis Pastrana at the Los Angeles X-Games to talk about Pastrana’s Dodge Dart Rallycross car. As so often happens, their schedules didn’t work out, but rather than cancel, Bell sent in a stunt double.

Boys will be boys!

The Pothole Song

With Winter about to take its toll on Toronto’s roads, I had to laugh when I came across this tune from Irish crooners Richie Kavanagh and by Seamus Moore about the potholes in Ireland!

There’s big ones there’s little ones there’s some a duck could swim
And if you hit a bad one you’ll soon be on the rim
You can go and get your puncher fixed there’s no-one from to claim
You can ask your county counselor but he wont take the blame

Where is the worst pothole you have ever seen?

  • Insider Report: Parking lot drifter fail
  • Insider Report: Parking lot drifter fail
  • Insider Report: Parking lot drifter fail
  • Insider Report: Parking lot drifter fail

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