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Insider Report: Parallel parking a nightmare for this driver

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Here in Ontario, driving tests include parallel parking. I’m not sure what country the video below was shot in, but the young lady behind the wheel is clearly in need of some driving lessons.

Even though she is driving a tiny micro car, the lady has no concept of how to maneuver into a spot big enough for a minivan. Even when the camera car backs up completely out of the way, the driver can’t find her way into the spot. When she finally does figure it out, the car is still crooked.

For some reason, many drivers have a tough time with the geometry involved in backing into any parking spot, and for many the challenge is doubled when they attempt to parallel park.

Do you think anyone should be behind the wheel if they can’t parallel park?

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Tom Kristensen Jumps Audi R8 LMS at Race of Champions

Eight time Le Mans winner and factory Audi driver had a bit of an exciting moment during practice for the Race of Champions last weekend in Bangkok, Thailand. While blasting around the stadium course in a $400,000 Audi R8 LMS racer, Kristensen caught air off the bridge section. While the amount of air might not look impressive for a car like Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta, the R8 LMS is a purpose built road racing car with very little ground clearance and suspension travel. This was a hard landing!

This and other incidents caused drivers at the ROC to take a stand against organizers, demanding that changes be made to the bridge portion of the circuit to improve safety. In the end, a chicane was installed on the bridge to slow cars down.

Forget Parkour, this is Carkour

By now you have likely seen more than a few videos of the activity called parkour, where participants try to move from one place to another as quickly as possible, usually without touching the ground. The folks at Ross Creations have just released a new video of their automotive interpretation known as Carkour.

One of their team bounces, flips and jumps his way over, across, through and even under vehicles that are stopped at traffic lights. While the guy’s athletic skills are outstanding, I’m amazed that none of the car owners decided to have a go at him. I’m not one for violence of any sort, but the guy crawls through the open window of a Nissan Frontier at one point. The driver must have thought he was going to be car-jacked!

Hot Rod Doors

One of the current trends in traditional hot rod design is the creation of the shop truck. A rough yet ready looking truck, or a matte black truck receives some rustic looking lettering on its doors and voila. The concept is simple yet somehow beautiful, which means that builders will likely keep doing it for some time. This video from 593 films takes viewers through the process of creating a matte black finish with company lettering in a way that has a similar simplicity to the project itself.

Hot Rod Doors from James C on Vimeo.

Edo Competition Ferrari FXX is a nasty sounding beast

I’m sure that regular readers will remember the yellow Ferrari that Calgary business owner Zahir Rana plunked into the Atlantic during Targa Newfoundland a couple of years ago. As I reported here in the Insider Report a while back, the prancing pony made its way back to Edo Competition to be dried out and have some additional performance enhancements made. This earlier video of the Edo-tuned Ferrari on the Autobahn does not do the beast proper justice in the audio department. The video below by Keno Zache & Philipp Lücke tells a bit more of the tale. Even though it shows the car stationary, a couple of blips of the throttle make it clear that Rana’s ride is absolutely fearsome!

  • Insider Report: Parallel parking a nightmare for this driver
  • Insider Report: Parallel parking a nightmare for this driver
  • Insider Report: Parallel parking a nightmare for this driver
  • Insider Report: Parallel parking a nightmare for this driver
  • Insider Report: Parallel parking a nightmare for this driver

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