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Insider Report: One Direction hot for Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine

Yianni wraps up the Mystery Machine for One Direction

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People are constantly asking me how I am able to track down so many oddball videos every single day. I have been surfing the web watching automotive videos for so long, I just know where to find neat stuff before everyone else does a lot of the time. Sometimes though, content comes to me from right here in my own home, thanks to the trio of teenagers that also live under my roof. Where else would I find an automotive video about a British boy band named One Direction? I’m told they are a bit of a big deal.

Two of these lads decided they wanted their very own version of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine. They visited a British tuner named Yianni, who set off to hook them up. And here I thought Yianni was some sort of children’s entertainer.

The build begins.

Part 2, the build continues.

I’ll let you know when they finish it up. I have to say that even with all the cool toys on board, it would still be cooler if they had started with a Seventies era Dodge van.

Sound of Honda – Ayrton Senna 1989
With all of the buzz surrounding the Ron Howard film RUSH, F1 constructors are hard at work creating their own brands of F1 media, usually promoting their company’s history in some fashion. We’ve seen all sorts of videos from McLaren, including their special Tooned 50 series. Honda has also joined the fray with a unique tribute to the legendary Ayrton Senna.

In 1989, Senna set a new lap record at Suzuka in a Honda Formula 1 car. At the time, the company used telemetry to record everything about the record run. In 2013, Honda engineers replicated that lap with nothing but speakers and light. It must have been haunting to experience in person.

See inside The Viper’s Nest
Excuse me, I just had to wipe a bit of drool off of my keyboard. D’Ann Rauh and her hubby Wayne took the guys from eGarage on a tour of their garage, which houses their collection of about 100 cars. If that wasn’t incredible enough, 65 of them are Vipers!

Be sure to watch until the end to see another one of their Mopars doing a rather spectacular burnout.

Viper’s Nest from eGarage on Vimeo.

15 Seconds With: 2014 Range Rover Sport
When the term SUV became part of our lingo years ago, I was constantly amazed by the number of the vehicles in the category which were neither sporty nor particularly utilitarian. Sure, they could carry passengers, but most were very light on the cargo capacity if all of the seats were occupied and towing was likewise lacking. The all new 2014 Range Rover Sport has the offroad capability to match the name, luxury seating for five and I’m pretty sure you could hold a rugby match in the cargo area. Add in a 3,500 kg towing capacity and you have a vehicle that truly does just about everything well.

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