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Insider Report: Newlyweds add a twist to their first kiss

To celebrate their nuptials, South African couple Kay-Leigh and Gervan Diaz took a page out of Ken Block's Gymkhana series for their first kiss.

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It wasn’t too long ago that we saw a wedding ceremony where the groom arrived by monster truck here in the Insider Report, but today’s lead story kicks the automotive wedding thing up a few notches.

To celebrate their nuptials, South African couple Kay-Leigh and Gervan Diaz took a page out of Ken Block’s Gymkhana series for their first kiss. But instead of a gorilla on a Segway being the apex for smoky donuts, they put themselves in the middle as a friend lit up an E46 BMW M3. Thankfully, the friend has some skills behind the wheel so the sweethearts can concentrate on the passionate task at hand!

Russian pedestrians battle crazy wind
It’s not exactly toasty here in the GTA, but the town of Norilsk, Russia, is dealing with their own crazy deep freeze. Temperatures in the -30 to -40 degree range make most folks want to stay inside. Last week, a heavy wind came up, making life treacherous for those who had to venture outside. It also made for a bit of fun spectating for some busy YouTubers. Hold on to that bus stop!

The history of AMG
The term tuner has been applied to many companies who modify cars, for years now. In many cases, tuners simply create visual changes, things like spoilers or striping kits. In the world of tuners, the ultimate are those companies whose work has been so significant that they are absorbed into an actual auto manufacturer’s portfolio. The most significant of these is AMG. Founded in the Seventies by a pair of Mercedes-Benz engineers who had been tasked with tuning race cars, AMG has become one of the most highly regarded tuners of all time. This is their history.

Matra V12 clears its throat
Considered by many to be one of the greatest sounding engines of all time, the Matra V12 is still a magical machine in the minds of many gearheads. This short clip of one of these engines running up on a test stand makes my hair stand on end.

Nissan trots out some classics at their 80th Anniversary
Regular readers may recall that I had the pleasure of visiting the Nissan Heritage Center last month, a facility where Nissan stores and maintains many cars from their history. They are kept at the ready to be driven on special occasions, like their 80th Anniversary Heritage Car Parade in the city of Yokohama. Many of the same cars I showed you in this gallery were included in this parade. It is pretty neat to see them in action.

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