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Insider Report: New toll road in Texas to set speed limit record

Set to open on November 11, State Highway 130 that links Austin, Texas with San Antonio, will have a speed limit of 85 mph (roughly 137 km/h). That makes the limit on the toll highway the highest in the United States reports NBC News.

More: Is Toronto ready for no speed limits?

The speed limit debate is nothing new here at but allow me to rekindle the discussion. Here in Ontario we pay a premium to travel at a snail like pace of 100 km/h on Highway 407. On any given day, the average flow of traffic is north of 125, still 12 km/h under what is about to become legal on one road in Texas.

It is time lawmakers in Ontario wake up and post speed limits that make sense on the road that drivers pay extra to use for their daily commute.

Postman Pat goes drag racing

If you have kids, chances are you have heard of Postman Pat. The lovable public service employee has been entertaining kids since 1981 and is particularly popular in his home country of Great Britain. Tom Armitage and David Taylor thought it might be fun to build a Postman Pat drag car, so they hit up ebay to find one of those coin operated kids rides that you see in shopping malls. With the addition of a small racing chassis and a 500 cc four stroke engine mated to a six speed manual tranny with paddle shifters, the PatVan became a reality.

They took Pat’s evil ride to York Raceway, where racer Ben Rushforth climbed in to see what it would do. With a second run of 17.4 seconds in the quarter mile, the team realized they might be on to something. The Postman Pat van has begun a demonstration tour of British drag strips and the team is beginning plans to challenge the World record for the fastest coin operated ride!

Corvette through the generations

While sports car fans around the globe wait to get an official look at the upcoming C7 Corvette, The General is ramping up their marketing machine to build buzz around the brand. They have brought Corvette Product Manager, Harlan Charles out on stage to begin a new series of videos called Corvette Generations. In this first edition, Charles details the birth of the C1 Corvette and talks about its creator, Zora Arkus-Duntov. The video even includes a quick clip of the Corvettes that Briggs Cunningham took to Le Mans that I wrote about a few weeks ago.

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