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Insider Report: My ultimate Christmas gift wish

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I have written a couple of Christmas wish lists over the past few weeks, one for the Wheels Canada magazine and one for an upcoming special in the paper. I just came across absolutely the coolest automotive thing EVER and I want one! The fact that it costs $125,000 matters little. Ok, so it means a lot, but I can dream!

The Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway is a 1:32 scale wooden replica of the Le Mans racing circuit. That is cool enough in itself, but it is housed in a life sized recreation of a Porsche 917 race car, painted up just like the car in the Steve McQueen movie Le Mans. The car features working lights and real, race worn GT Prototype racing slicks mounted on three piece wheels. The body opens up at the touch of a button to reveal the track inside!

Santa, please oh please put one of these in my garage! I’ll even clean out all the junk to make it easier for you!

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The ultimate game of DRIFT

Remember the game of HORSE, where two players call out a basketball shot and then have to make the shot? When a shooter fails, they get a letter. The first one to spell the name HORSE loses. In a new web show called Tuerck’d, drifter Ryan Tuerck invites Drift Alliance driver Chris Forsberg to play a little game of DRIFT, using the same rules as that old game. The challenges include kickball, pinball and barrel taps. It is all in good fun and these guys show some serious skills along the way!

Another first for Camping World Truck Series

Ontario racing fans are already gearing up for an exciting weekend when NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series stops in at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park next September. This will be the first time in 13 years that the trucks have compete on a road course, so you know it is going to be an action packed weekend.

It was also announced recently that the trucks would be making a stop at Tony Stewart’s Eldora Speedway next year. This will mark the first time that a NASCAR series has run on dirt since September 1970 in Raleigh, N.C. While nothing at all like the Mosport circuit, dirt will be a big change and should also be an exciting event.

Recently the series held a test at Eldora to see how the trucks would handle the muck. For any Ontario fans who have never seen these machines in action, you need to watch this. Perhaps more importantly, turn up the speakers! The September first event at CTMP is going to be one wild sounding race!

1942 Hawker Hurricane with Canadian history going up for auction

You could say that fighter planes are the Grand Prix cars of the sky. While they are built for one purpose and one purpose only, high performance is a natural byproduct of aerial warfare. World War II was terrible, but it gave us some of the most spectacular aircraft ever built. The Hawker Hurricane was a pivotal part of the Battle of Britain, among other campaigns during the war.

‘G-HURI’ is a 1942 Hawker Hurricane Mark XIIA that was built in Canada under license by Canadian Car & Foundry Company in Montreal. Powered by the legendary Rolls-Royce Merlin 29 V12-cylinder supercharged engine, this plane is one of just 12 Hurricanes left flying. Having spent most of its life in a Canadian collection, G-HURI will cross the auction block at Bonhams on December 3. It is expected to sell for somewhere between $2.2 – $2.7 Million CAD.

Ken Block Intros Ford Fiesta at LA Auto Show

You don’t typically think of environmentalists as being car guys, but Eric Novak, aka Enviro Dad, isn’t like other greenies. Novak is at the L.A. Auto Show and grabbed some great video of Ken Block’s entrance at Ford’s launch of their new Fiesta. I though this was pretty cool.

  • Insider Report: My ultimate Christmas gift wish
  • Insider Report: My ultimate Christmas gift wish
  • Insider Report: My ultimate Christmas gift wish
  • Insider Report: My ultimate Christmas gift wish
  • Insider Report: My ultimate Christmas gift wish

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