Insider Report: MotoX rider deliberately crashes into opponent

Mike Alessi was passed by another rider named Brock Tickle. The pass was clean and Tickle made it stick. That mustn't have sat too well with Alessi, because at the next corner, Alessi rode straight intoTickle's side, sending him flying.

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During the recent Supercross event in Atlanta, racer Mike Alessi was passed by another rider named Brock Tickle. The pass was clean and Tickle made it stick. That mustn’t have sat too well with Alessi, because at the next corner, Alessi rode straight intoTickle’s side, sending him flying.

The governing body, the AMA, has fined Alessi $4,000 for the incident.

Alessi is one of those young racers who have a history of doing odd things around the track and who are bolstered by their family. There was a bizarre story floating around last summer when Alessi’s brother was caught blinding a competitor with a laser pointer. The story was that he did it to help his brother get the jump on the start. It may or may not be true, but that was the perception, which says a lot.

Check out the hit below.

Rollin’ in a Woody
Once upon a time, I needed a job, so I answered an ad in the paper for a job as a car salesman. I had worked as an oil change guy and had a legitimate passion for cars so I figured I was perfect for the job. It turned out that I was the world’s worst car salesman, even though my customers loved me, so they suggested I should have a go at being a service advisor. That turned out to be a great idea. Years later though, I needed to do something else with my passion, which is what led me to automotive media. I began creating content in the form of words and images to fuel the imagination of other gearheads. This next video is about a guy who took a similar path to mine.

Ben McCloy got a job as a carwash jockey in a car dealership, before making the switch over to the lube lane, where he worked for a number of years before making the move up front to become a service advisor. At the same time, he began fabricating his own vision of the ultimate hot rod. A Hudson Woody. McCloy has been one of the lucky ones who has taken his passion and creativity and turned it into a career, building cool cars for others.

My buddy Mike Musto from Big Muscle spent some time with McCloy’s Woody and I gotta say that I’m jealous!

Sochi speed skating re-imagined in the form of Mariokart
There is really nothing automotive here unless you play the popular Mario Kart driving game. Then, you will think this is kinda cute. My teenagers enjoyed it.

Inside Jay Leno’s Garage with his Yenko Stinger
Despite safety advocate Ralph Nader’s crusade to eliminate the Corvair from Chevrolet’s product line, the revolutionary car was an ideal platform for performance modifications. So much so that American Chevy dealer Don Yenko pulled aside 100 of the cars, modified them and rebadged them as the Yenko Stinger. The cars went on to become legendary.

The Corvair was always a favourite of engineering types, who liked the car’s rear position, air cooled engine and the healthy product support offered by Yenko. My best friend’s Dad, an aerospace prof at Ryerson had two of them. My Dad the racer had one and Wheels own Gerry Malloy admits to owning fourteen Corvairs, including a couple of race cars.

There are roughly 70 true Yenko cars left and not surprisingly, Jay Leno has one. Sit back and enjoy as Leno explains why these cars were so cool.

Crash Review Rally Sweden 2014
Just like the Thousand Lakes Rally wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of big jumps, the WRC Rally Sweden wouldn’t be complete without seeing lots of cars getting stuffed into snow banks. We’ve already seen Martin Prokop’s stuff and fan recovery here in the Insider Report, but the WRC media squad has released a video with some of the other big offs. Always good fun for a Monday morning!

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