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Insider Report: Motorcycle racer takes a dive football-style

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Whenever motorcycle racers compete in the rain, the only certainty is that a lot of them will fall off during the course of a race. Because the rain keeps them moving relatively slowly, there usually aren’t any injuries and the riders often get right back on and keep going. Earlier this month, the Gaucho Motorbike GP series was at Santa Cruz du Sol in Brazil when a racer made a rather bizarre decision.

During the 250 cc race, a rider named Marlinton Teixeira took a bit of a spill. Nothing strange there, until Teixeira, who is known around the track as Kalunga, attempted to remount his bike but discovered it was too damaged to ride. At this point, Kalunga runs across the track and throws himself across the racing line in an attempt to have the race red flagged.

Kalunga apparently was not aware of the technological development of video. His entire stage show was caught on camera, which was shared with the Brazilian officials. The Gaucho Motorcycling Federation has banned the rider from the series and has forwarded the video to their national organization in the hopes of banning him from all racing in Brazil.

Classic Wrecks takes plastic models to a different level

As a kid in the ’70s and ’80s, there were few things I loved as much as opening up a brand new plastic model kit, laying out all of the pieces and glopping on that stinky model glue. To say that my finished products were nothing special might be an understatement. Retired South Carolina businessman John Findra has got skills that I could have only dreamed of.

While many model makers customize their hobby shop stock plastic kits these days, most of them work towards show-like quality. Something that duplicates what you might see on the floor at a real hot rod or classic car show. Findra’s style is somewhat more low-brow and likely involves much more attention to detail. His cars look like the rotting pickup that your grandpa had sitting out behind the barn, or the muscle car your best friend never finished after high school. Best of all, Findra has an Etsy store where you can buy one for yourself. The artist will even custom build one for you.

Classic Wrecks was featured on Etsy’s blog, where they shot the video below that gives a glimpse into what drives Findra.

Classic Wrecks: The Rusted Car as Art from Etsy on Vimeo.

Swiss hill climb features noise, flames and insane speeds

Sadly, we don’t see many hill climb events here in Ontario these days. While there was no racing in Switzerland for many years, that didn’t mean the mountain country didn’t have other forms of motorsport. Hill climbs remain popular and one of the most popular today is the Bergrennen Gurnigel. The video below from Finger Video features HD coverage of some incredible machinery. Ford Escorts and Opels that are far faster than their makers intended are pretty exciting, but then around the 3-minute mark comes a real Porsche 935, belching flames at every corner. The vid finishes up with some insanely fast F3000 cars and some Osella FA30 sports racers. Watching a Dallara GP2 car blaze through a small mountain town at close to 300 km/h is mind bending!

Dan Gurney for President indeed!

The Goodwood Festival of Speed this Summer, was one of the coolest automotive experiences of my life, but I can just imagine how fantastic it must be to attend the Goodwood Revival. The Revival includes many of the same cars and people that climb the hill at Goodwood Estate, except that instead of a hill climb, they actually go racing. The circuit at the Goodwood airfield has been created to look like the paddock of a pre-war Grand Prix and visitors are encouraged to come in period costume. Add in some vintage fighter planes and you have a recipe for a classic event. This year, a couple of special things happened. First off, there was some special attention paid to American racing icon, Dan Gurney and the Gurney for President campaign. Driver, team owner and car builder, Gurney has done it all, including being nominated to run for President by auto publishing great David E. Davis Jr.

For the first time ever, Lord March and his organizers convinced the owners of all existing Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows to come to the Revival. MB has a great short video of the action surrounding the legendary silver racing machines that so dominated racing in their time.

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