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Insider Report: Motorcycle journalist takes a bad tumble

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Thanks to my limited knowledge of the French language, I haven’t been able to find out too much about this video except that it involves a journalist named Lolo who was on camera for a video review for Moto-Journal. Lolo was riding a Yamaha FJR 1300 in the harbour of Saint-Martin-de-RĂ© in France, when he apparently misjudged the size of the hard saddle bags that were hanging off the big bike. One bag clips a metal bollard, which throws the rider off balance before dropping off the pier and into the cockpit of a sailboat. Fortunately for Lolo, the bike took a more direct plunge and landed on a dock, rather than on top of the reviewer.

Hate to say it, but Lolo, you just became “That Guy” that no journo wants to be!

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Sky View: the Rally of the Tall Pines

While I was shooting at the Iron Bridge stage at Tall Pines a couple of weekends ago, a TV crew was also working the corner with the crazy looking flying machine you see above. Powered by a whack of electric motors that turn model airplane propellers, the contraption carries a pair of radio controlled cameras. The team has loaded up a quick collection of their videos to share, including a crazy shot of the Rockstar Mitsubishi getting very sideways on the Iron Bridge. If you watch closely, you will see yours truly right by the edge of the bridge!

Big Muscle: A washing machine on slicks

With close to 37 million views on YouTube in about a year, my friends at Drive obviously know a thing or two about creating videos that car fanatics go crazy for. Big Muscle, hosted by Mike Musto, has been my favourite to watch as Musto’s on screen personality has grown and become super polished in a very short period of time. This is a guy who is immersed in the car hobby and knows what he is talking about.

This week’s episode of Big Muscle sees Musto getting behind the wheel of a 1929 Ford Model A drag racer that is considered one of the most historic NHRA racers of all time. The car, which Musto compares to a washing machine on slicks, was incredibly quick in its day, having been a 10 second, 120+ mile per hour race car. It is also the most frightening thing Mike has ever driven.

Even if you are into tuner cars, this 10-minute video is a must watch, if only to learn a bit more about the history of our hobby.

V8 Supercar attacks a Porsche Panamera

At the start of the 2012 Sydney Telstra 500, Ford driver Shane Van Gisbergen gets clobbered, which damages his steering. As the driver tries to limp his V8 Supercar to safety, it suddenly turns to the left. The problem was that the Porsche Panamera medical car, which follows the field at the start in case of serious accidents, had already committed to passing the ailing Ford on the left side. Much to the delight of the fans, the driver of the Porsche extricated the car from being pinned against the Ford, and completed his lap. In the video, you can hear a loud cheer as the damaged Porsche makes its way down pit lane.

The really interesting part of this comes when you see the overhead view later on in the video. The Ford starts to turn left well before the Porsche is committed. This was a completely avoidable incident! Strange things happen in racing sometimes, and sometimes those strange things are preventable.

The Driving Test Song

I first came across Irish songster Seamus Moore last week when I found The Pothole Song. It seems that Moore likes to write about his driving adventures and also recorded this little ditty called the Driving Test Song, all about the process of getting a driver’s license in Ireland. This should start your Monday off with a smile!

  • Insider Report: Motorcycle journalist takes a bad tumble
  • Insider Report: Motorcycle journalist takes a bad tumble
  • Insider Report: Motorcycle journalist takes a bad tumble
  • Insider Report: Motorcycle journalist takes a bad tumble
  • Insider Report: Motorcycle journalist takes a bad tumble

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