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Insider Report: Michigan driver attempts to pull over cop

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Despite the indisputable proof that seatbelts save lives, many police officers still choose not to wear them. The hypocrisy of that tweaked something in a Michigan man when he drove by a police seatbelt spot check south of Detroit. The guy drove alongside a copper in a marked SUV and proceeded to berate the officer behind the wheel and force him to pull over. The officer literally just laughs the guy off and drives away.

As with everything else these days, this modern day vigilante caught the incident on video and posted it on YouTube. Caution as there is mild NSFW language.

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Circuit of the Americas gets christened by Mario Andretti

While there is buzz around the upcoming USGP at the newly constructed Circuit of the Americas in Texas, most of that buzz is within the motorsport community. The truth is that they still need to get bums in seats and that could prove to be a tough sell to Texans who are more accustomed to NASCAR-type racing. So how to get Americans involved? How about making one of the most popular, most successful, American racers of all-time an official ambassador to the track and send him out for some laps in one of his most famous cars.

1978 world champion Mario Andretti took the first laps of the exciting new facility at the wheel of the Lotus that he raced in that season. The iconic black and gold livery has been adopted by Lotus once again and adorns all of their current factory racing efforts.

Chopper vs. Muscle car throwdown

While the team is at the Niagara on the Lake airport this week for AJAC TestFest, we are constantly being buzzed by the resident helicopter pilots who love to show their stuff. It would seem that showmanship must run in chopper pilots’ blood, as the folks at Precision Helicopters put on a bit of a showdown recently. The Oregon based outfit set up a down and back race between a MD500 Helicopter and a Dodge Challenger SRT8 392. The video below shows just how crazy talented these flyboys can be!

AJAC TestFest day 1

While I’m on the topic of TestFest, I thought I would share a bit of video activity from day one of the week long event. I’m sure you have already read Mark Richardson’s account of how the accounting works, some folks are just a bit more visual. The opening scene was shot from one of those helicopters I mentioned and there are some great views of the massive field of cars we have been testing.

On board with a modern rally driver in a classic car

Even though I spent my day test-driving cars and lapping the handling course yesterday, there was nothing I wanted to do more than relax with a cold one and take in some incredible in-car rally footage when I got back to the hotel. Like any pro rally driver, Finnish rally star Jari-Matti Latvala, who drives for the Ford WRC team, often spends his weekends off competing in historic rallies. This super cool 13-minute clip was shot at the Lahti Historic Rally in Finland, where Latvala was driving a European market Mk2 Ford Escort. It is great to note that the 27-year-old Finn, unlike many young Formula car racers these days, actually knows how to drive a manual transmission car!

  • Insider Report: Michigan driver attempts to pull over cop
  • Insider Report: Michigan driver attempts to pull over cop
  • Insider Report: Michigan driver attempts to pull over cop
  • Insider Report: Michigan driver attempts to pull over cop
  • Insider Report: Michigan driver attempts to pull over cop

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