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Insider Report: Mercedes-Benz not impressed by film school video

Automaker distances itself from video viewed 2.5 million times

As society becomes increasingly desensitized to sex and violence, among other things, it is becoming increasingly difficult to truly shock the masses. As a result, filmmakers and advertisers are continually pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not. The atrocities committed by the Nazi regime during the second World War have typically been off limits for obvious reasons. Until that is, the release of the incredibly well done Hollywood flick Inglorious Basterds.

Quentin Tarantino is a unique talent who has a knack of working around the most delicate topics and making the most horrific topics funny. Film students Tobia Haase, Jan Mettler and Lydia Lohse obviously hoped they were following in Tarantino’s footsteps when they created a spec film ad for a project depicting what might happen if machines had souls. In the spot, a Mercedes-Benz C-Class “detects dangers before they come up” and runs over a young boy as his mother cries “Adolf!”

Needless to say, Mercedes-Benz was not amused by the video and has forced the addition of several disclaimers to distance themselves from it. The rather well-done video has been viewed close to 2.5 million times since being posted on August 23.

Angry driver takes revenge on cell phone using driver who caused a crash
There are still some places that using a cell phone while driving is legal. That doesn’t mean it is any safer, or any smarter for that matter. Nor does it mean that other drivers will tolerate a crash that is caused by a cell phone using driver.

The description of the video below is in Russian, but a few people in the comments section say the video is from Croatia. Regardless or where it originated, it is clear that the gent whose car was hit, was less than impressed and decides to punish the offending driver in his own way.

ALMS Crash-Fest in Baltimore
Just about everyone, especially those from the road racing fraternity, expected the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at CTMP to be a demo derby, but the weekend was relatively incident free until the last lap. The road racing crowd had its hands full in Baltimore as there was a massive crash that eliminated a large portion of the field before the green flag even fell.

It sounds like a couple of LMP1 cars were slow getting off the line, which caused the rest of the pack to bunch up. The ESM HPD car of Anthony Lazzaro tagged the back of Scott Tucker’s P2 car, sending him spinning. This created a melee that saw at least 8 cars crash out before the race even started.

So much for the road racing gang being better than the good old boys.

Meanwhile, Klaus Graf and Chris Dyson, the two drivers at the front of the mess in Baltimore comment on the cause of the incident.

15 Seconds With: 2013 Jaguar XF 3.0 AWD
This week’s 15 Seconds With series continues with British Elegance theme, as I switch from a Range Rover to the 2013 Jaguar XF 3.0 AWD. The interior looks sort of like a modern country club, with forward styling that draws upon pedigree that draws upon a history of fox hunts, leather armchairs and stone fireplaces. Nattily stitched leather is accented with metal brightwork in a manner that warms the heart. Gadget fans and the kids will love the vents which magically appear and disappear into the dash.

  • Insider Report: Mercedes-Benz not impressed by film school video
  • Insider Report: Mercedes-Benz not impressed by film school video
  • Insider Report: Mercedes-Benz not impressed by film school video
  • Insider Report: Mercedes-Benz not impressed by film school video

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