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Insider Report: Meet the toughest bridge in the world

In Durham, North Carolina, there is a train bridge that has been “can-opening” trucks for as long as there has been trucks. The 100-year-old bridge was built before bridge height regulations and is lower than many modern trucks. Even though there are lots of warning signs, an average of one truck a month manages to hit the leading edge of the bridge. So often in fact that a local named J├╝rgen Henn set up a cameras to record the action way back in 2008, followed by a second cam a year later. Henn also set up a website called 11 foot 8 and a very popular YouTube channel (to the tune of almost 5 million views!).

Regular readers may recall that I set up a large RV at the Rally of the Tall Pines a couple of weeks ago. These things are BIG and it is clearly marked in several places, including right beside the steering wheel, that it is 12′ (3.7 m) tall. I was constantly looking up to make sure it would fit through a spot. I even got out to check once, when I didn’t trust the signs at a gas station, so I just can’t understand how all of these dummies get it so wrong!

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Kimi Raikkonen stars in Apple Maps commercial spoof

Apple fans have had their fair share of crow to eat, when the anticipated Apple maps feature appeared on iPhones and was nowhere near as good as the competitor tool from Google. Then, there was all the fuss over Kimi Raikkonen’s comments during the GP in Abu Dhabi. He followed that up by getting lost during the Brazilian GP. Sounds like Apple and The Ice Man are a perfect pair, which is what led to this latest spoof!

“Leave me alone, I know what to do!”


Driver-less, runaway car takes a trip downhill

Here we go again, with some crazy Russian dash cam action! This time, the driver of our camera car is just minding his own business, driving through a hillside community, when suddenly a driver-less car appears. Only for a moment though, as the station wagon then plunges over an embankment. According to Google Translate, the video poster says that the car ended up landing in an apartment building trash bin.

Watching this video just makes me dizzy

Over at Jalopnik, they have a story that was sent in by a reader about a popular event in Poland called the Barborka rally. The final stage of the rally is a special spectator stage that takes place right in downtown Warsaw. This final stage is actually an event unto itself and does not follow any of the FIA rally rules, meaning that competitors can and do enter in all sorts of crowd pleasing contraptions.

As Subaru driver Maciej Steinhoff proves, style counts for more than speed in this stage.

  • Insider Report: Meet the toughest bridge in the world
  • Insider Report: Meet the toughest bridge in the world
  • Insider Report: Meet the toughest bridge in the world
  • Insider Report: Meet the toughest bridge in the world
  • Insider Report: Meet the toughest bridge in the world

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