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Insider Report: Meet 'The Punisher' - Russia's vigilante bus driver

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Driving a bus has to be one of the most challenging jobs of all time. Thanks to all the dash cam videos circulating the Web, we all know how crazy Russian roads are. Combine the two and one can only imagine how difficult it must be to drive a bus in Russia.

Meet Alexei Volkov, who calls himself “The Punisher.” He is a bus driver in Zelenograd, a Moscow suburb. Fed up with being cut off by other drivers, Volkov has mounted a dash camera on his bus and metes out his own version of vigilantism. When a driver cuts off his bus full of passengers, Volkov just holds his course rather than taking potentially dangerous evasive action. The driver is becoming somewhat of a folk hero in Moscow and reportedly police just smile.

Taking things one step further than just protecting himself, Volkov has created a YouTube channel to show the world how bad Moscow’s drivers are. The folks at Spicy Russia have compiled a bunch of clips into one video so you can get the idea below. Being a glutton for punishment, I went through a bunch of the driver’s videos. An amazing number of the incidents involve drivers who clearly are unhappy that the bus pulled out into traffic, make their way around the bus and then slam on their brakes.

Just a tip folks: When you are driving a Lada Classic (or any other small car for that matter) brake testing a bus is a bad idea.

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Subaru Canada invites consumers to drive new Legacy on ice 

Typically when a car manufacturer launches a new model, the press launch involves a bunch of crusty old media types who have been there, done that. While the old crowd typically do know their stuff (some could even be considered experts) the crowd tends to be a bit jaded. There is nothing new about a new car for many in this crowd. Some manufacturers have figured this out and have started inviting non-motoring media or even … gasp … consumers. While the average consumer may not be able to tell the difference between Sedan A and Sedan B if the badges were covered, they most certainly can tell the difference between two drastically different cars.

When Subaru launched their new Legacy recently, they held the event at the incredible Mecaglisse track in rural Quebec, where drivers were able to compare front wheel cars back-to-back with Subaru’s all-wheel drive setup. Sure, they brought along a bunch of the usual journo crowd, but they also brought along a gaggle of consumers too. Invariably, while the journos had fun sliding around on the sheer ice, the consumer group came away with a new understanding of the differences between the two drivetrain layouts.

Team Sahlen’s does the “Sahlen Shake”

Ok, so it is really the Harlem Shake and I know that most of you (and me too) are fed up with the silly dance, but instead of a banana, these folks have a wiener! Team Sahlen’s is a racing team owned and operated by the same family that owns Sahlen’s Hot Dogs. They are a family business and a racing family. Don’t believe me? Look closely at the shake. Back on a work bench on the right side, you’ll see the littlest Sahlen rockin’ out in his/her own little race car!

Wilson Niblett to host 12th Annual Corvette tech session tomorrow

One of the first signs of spring for Toronto area Corvette fans is the annual Corvette tech session at Wilson Niblett in Richmond Hill. Tomorrow marks the 12th anniversary of the event and promises to be one of the best. This year’s event will see the Corvette C7 Design Concept Vehicle from the GM Design Studio on display along with talks given by the C7’s Chief Designer and Corvette brand manager. To learn more, visit Corvette Canada.

How WRC teams switch from winter to summer rallies

Have you ever wondered what changes need to be made to make a car handle as well on the snow as it does on pavement or dirt? There is lots of work to be done between events. The folks at WRC visit with the new Volkswagen WRC team to learn what it takes to switch setup from what was needed in Sweden to the challenging roads of Mexico.

  • Insider Report: Meet 'The Punisher' - Russia's vigilante bus driver

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