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Insider Report: Meet the man who built a race track in his backyard

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Meet the man who built a race track in his backyard
As a motorsports photographer, I get to meet some pretty cool people. Thanks to the joys of Facebook, many of these folks become friends as we watch each other’s lives unfold online. One such character is a guy named Alan Wilzig. The son of a Holocaust survivor who made good in the U.S., Wilzig continued to work in the family business storing other people’s money and in turn making more. Where Wilzig differs from dear old Dad is that he knows that a good life balance must include passions outside of the office. Passion is easy to come by in the automotive world and racing in particular, but Wilzig’s passion for motorsport takes the world to a whole different level. The guy built an honest to goodness race track in his back yard for him and his buddies to play with his collection of two and four wheeled toys. The guys at DRIVE, along with a couple of the Jalopnik team paid Wilzig Racing Manor a visit and did their thing with the video cams.

The 1.8 km circuit in Columbia County, N.Y. features nine turns and 24 metres of elevation change. There is also a full race shop, along with a museum quality storage building that is the stuff dreams are made of.

Ferrari F70 caught on the roads around Maranello
It has been close to eight years since the last Ferrari Enzo rolled through the doors of Maranello, so Ferrari’s newest supercar has been long anticipated. As the reveal gets closer, prototype mules of the car, code-named F70, have been seen more frequently on the roads around the famed facility. The F70 is expected to be a hybrid along the lines of Porsche’s 918 Spyder, with a gasoline engine and a pair of electric motors. Total output is rumoured to be in the neighbourhood of 900 horsepower, about 140 more than the Porsche. Youtube user Souvlaki57 caught a heavily camouflaged test mule on the street. The visual doesn’t show anything we haven’t seen before, but the sound of the beast certainly lives up to the heritage of its forebears.

Watch the video here.

David Coulthard tops 300 km/h in the Lincoln Tunnel
As part of their ongoing campaign to build buzz around Formula 1’s appearance in New Jersey, the folks at Red Bull F1 dropped by the construction site recently and let retired F1 driver David Coulthard have a go at the unfinished track. Afterwards, they paid someone a lot of money to close the Lincoln Tunnel and let DC have a go at it. The team has released the following POV video of Coulthard’s view as he attacks the 2.5-km tunnel that joins New Jersey to New York City. This has to be the fastest commute through the tunnel of all time!

Youtuber Michael Brito was woken up by the wail of the F1 car at 2:30 in the morning. Naturally, he went out on his balcony to grab some video. The visual is understandably shaky, but keep watching. The sound is absolutely haunting as DC accelerates down through the tunnel.

Pikes Peak crash onboard camera #1
Remember that scary video that posted a couple of days ago? The one where the Mitsubishi rally car “fell off the mountain” at Pikes Peak? If not, go watch it here. Well, Evolution Dynamics, who built the car, have recovered video from a GoPro camera that was mounted on the right side of the Evo. Needless to say, this is some pretty spectacular footage.

  • Insider Report: Meet the man who built a race track in his backyard
  • Insider Report: Meet the man who built a race track in his backyard
  • Insider Report: Meet the man who built a race track in his backyard

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