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Insider Report: Meet Ferrari's newest supercar - LaFerrari

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Ferrari’s long awaited successor to their Enzo supercar was unveiled on Monday at the Geneva Auto Show and it is nothing short of spectacular. The gorgeous machine is certainly visually worthy of the prancing horse logo, but has been saddled with a rather odd name: LaFerrari. Be that as it may, the car features an all carbon fibre chassis and a HY-KERS system that is a direct descendant of the system used on the company’s Formula 1 cars. The LaFerrari may be the most visible case of racing technology filtering down to road cars. In case auto show photos aren’t enough, Ferrari has released a video of the LaFerrari in motion. It sounds as good as it looks.

Ski jumping tires from Japan

Ever since Sir Isaac declared his law of gravitation, guys have been trying to prove it themselves in one manner or another. Add in a few television cameras and a bit of the “boys will be boys” and you have a recipe for potential disaster. The recipe includes a selection of tires, ranging from lowly all-season to hefty industrial, with a bit of Formula 1 for good measure. Any experiment would be incomplete without a guy in a lab coat. Rather than just dropping said tires off a bridge, lets just roll them down a ski jump. Those things can get moving pretty quickly, so lets put an airbag at the bottom of the hill. Nothing can go wrong!

Toronto’s Jen Horsey talks about what it’s like to compete at Targa Newfoundland

The great thing about an event like Targa Newfoundland is that there is just so much going on during the competition that there is often a full year’s worth of stories to follow up. Considered one of the most unique automotive competitions in North America by many, Targa draws competitors from around the globe, but also a healthy Canadian contingent.

Toronto based professional co-driver, Jen Horsey, rode shotgun in a Fiat 500 Abarth alongside pro drifter Samuel Hubinette in the 2012 running. In this interview at SEMA, Horsey talks about car preparation, competing against cars with triple the power and competing in a fan favourite.

Just in case Jen’s enthusiasm for the little scorpion isn’t exciting enough for you, here is a video from the second last day of Targa, as Horsey and Hubinette were about to clinch a solid podium finish.

Careless driver almost kills rider while videotaping skaters

I can’t find it now, but several months ago I showed a video of some skateboard riders doing their thing on a steep downhill road. Those guys had a pro camera guy following them, who was riding with a driver who had a brain. LiveLeak user NotMeDriving has posted a video he shot from his buddy’s car, when they came across some skaters hauling the mail down hill. The problem with this video is that the driver wasn’t too bright and crossed the centre line, very nearly hitting a motorcycle rider head on. Fortunately, the rider had quick reflexes and a dose of good luck on his side.

  • Insider Report: Meet Ferrari's newest supercar - LaFerrari
  • Insider Report: Meet Ferrari's newest supercar - LaFerrari
  • Insider Report: Meet Ferrari's newest supercar - LaFerrari
  • Insider Report: Meet Ferrari's newest supercar - LaFerrari

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