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Insider Report: Man tries to save car from hail by swimming on it

The amount of weird that exists in the world never ceases to amaze me. During a hail storm in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, a man was caught on camera attempting to save his precious car from damage. How? By swimming on it. That’s right, he climbed up onto the roof and began doing some sort of breast stroke to prevent the large ice particles from damaging his car. As a river rages on the street beneath the car, suddenly another man appears and starts flopping a towel around on the hood in another futile effort to protect the car.

I have to wonder how they are going to deal with the dents from his body, not to mention the scratches!

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Harlem Shake: Daytona Champ Edition

Not content to let all the other teams have their Harlem Shake fun, Jimmie Johnson and the #48 crew took to the grass as part of their celebrations after winning last weekend’s Daytona 500. They are the clear winners in the Harlem Shake wars too, because nobody else was able to use the Harley J. Earl Trophy in their dance!

Australian GT Championship Round 1 at Bathurst

The Bathurst racing circuit in Australia is one of the most picturesque tracks in the world, and also one of the most demanding, which makes it a natural for endurance racing exotic machines. The annual 12-hour race is the opening round of the Australian GT Championship and features names like AMG, Lamborghini and Ginetta, that we don’t typically see on tracks here in North America along with the “typical” Ferrari and Porsches that we do see. This highlight reel from the 2013 gives not only a great look at the track, but shows some incredible race cars in action. The sights and sounds are incredible!

Charlie Ryan – Hot Rod Race

The Rockabilly style of today is firmly rooted in a past that is heartily intertwined with hot rods and that makes for some pretty cool music if you are a car fanatic. Before releasing his hit “Hot Rod Lincoln” in the mid-’50s, American singer Charlie Ryan released “Hot Rod Race” which chronicles the races of a Ford and Mercury. Amazingly, “Hot Rod Race” wouldn’t sound out of place at some of Toronto’s Rockabilly gigs today!

Canadian Motor Speedway concept revealed visually

Race fans who are getting weary of waiting for something concrete to happen at the proposed Canadian Motor Speedway in Fort Erie finally have something to celebrate, as the project has won approval from the Ontario Municipal Board. That doesn’t mean that shovels will go in the ground tomorrow, although there are rumblings that work may start soon. I’ll believe it when they actually break ground. In the meantime, the group is working on a new website and has released a conceptual video of what the Jeff Gordon-designed facility will look like.

The visuals show a one-mile oval, a road course, an outdoor hockey rink and concert stage, meaning that CMS would be set up to host much more than just auto racing.

  • Insider Report: Man tries to save car from hail by swimming on it

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