Insider Report: Man hits highway ... on the hood of a car

The things that come across my computer monitor as I search for stuff for the Insider Report never cease to amaze me. In today’s too-strange-to-be-fake video, we see a guy riding on the hood of a car at highway speeds. I have no explanation for this one. We’ll just have to let the video do the explaining …

See how far car safety has come in dramatic style
I was out on a photo shoot with the all new 2014 Chevrolet Impala on Monday, when I came upon a 1964 Impala in a driveway. The two cars being born exactly 50 years apart, I just had to stop and get photos of the two cars together. I posted this picture on my Facebook wall, which prompted a friend to tip me off to a video from 2009 that I had forgotten about.

To celebrate their own 50th anniversary, the folks at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted a crash test between a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air and a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu. The results were staggering.

My oh my, have times ever changed.

Would you help someone you don’t know buy their dream car?
That beautiful blue door wedge you see above is a Lamborghini Gallardo. It is the object of many car enthusiast’s daydreams, including some guy in New York City. The difference is that this unnamed guy wants other people to fund his dream. To that end, he has put up a website asking for people to donate to his dream.

“I’m trying to raise enough money to completely pay for the car, all applicable taxes, and at least a year’s worth of ownership costs (gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.) Once I hit that goal, I will donate any money after that point to charity.”

And what exactly do you get in return for donating to this dude’s cause? Absolutely nothing.

The guy figures that all sorts of people donate money to projects through online services like Kickstarter, so maybe they would do the same for him. There really are no guarantees here. He might use the money to buy the car, or whatever other needs arise.

Would YOU give this guy a couple of bucks towards his dream? For the record, I will not be pressing the donate button on

Yes Virginia, there is a ’69 Camaro shooting brake
While some guys will resort to hitting up strangers online (see above) to fulfill their dreams, others just take matters into their own hands. In the case of the video below, these are some very skilled hands. The guys at Fast On Wheels set out to build a station wagon version of first generation Camaro. Details surrounding the build are slim, but the guys took the car to a recent Good Guys car show and are said to be taking it to SEMA later this year. Until the details start coming in, check out the build video.

What do you think, is this an inspiration or is it blasphemy?

WRC Rally Sweden Heli-Special
I know, nobody wants to see snow now, but this quick special video from the folks at WRC has snow, rally cars, jumps and helicopter chase footage. This is the stuff I dream about.

  • Insider Report: Man hits highway ... on the hood of a car
  • Insider Report: Man hits highway ... on the hood of a car
  • Insider Report: Man hits highway ... on the hood of a car
  • Insider Report: Man hits highway ... on the hood of a car
  • Insider Report: Man hits highway ... on the hood of a car

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