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Insider Report: Londoner thinks eggs go well with Ferrari

London, England, has a growing situation which some locals think is a problem: rich Middle Eastern visitors and residents have taken to zipping around town in flashy sports cars. While car fans love seeing the exotic machinery on the streets, many Londoners are unhappy with the loud cars and the occasional burst of speed. (Jealousy may also be involved.) The downtown area has been the scene of an increasing number of confrontations between these drivers and some crusty Brits. This friction is attracting increasing attention from YouTube car spotters like Yemi T.O, who was shooting video on Sloan Street when he saw a woman approaching in a lovely yellow Ferrari 458 Spider. As the Ferrari passed by, the driver was splatted from above by an egg. She wasn’t speeding, nor was she revving her engine. Clearly some self righteous, wrongheaded apartment dweller thought this was a great way to make a point.

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Paul Tracy to race in Stadium Super Trucks at Toronto Indy this weekend
Fans of Scarborough born racing star Paul Tracy may not be able to see their guy driving in Indycar anymore, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to see the Thrill from West Hill in action at the Honda Indy Toronto. Announced earlier this week, Tracy will be driving in Robby Gordon’s exciting new Stadium Super Truck series. This series uses 600 horsepower off road racing trucks, that are known to involve a rather rough and tumble driving style, which should suit Paul Tracy and the Chrome Horn perfectly.

There will be two races, one on Saturday following the first Indycar race and another on Sunday before the second Indycar race. Tracy will be at the wheel of a truck that is sponsored by Sportsnet and will be doing live commentary during the competition. It is unclear at this point if PT will be entering in both races, so fans will just have to come on both days. As a photographer, I can guarantee that this will be the most exciting racing of the weekend!

Check out Tracy’s new ride.

If you are wondering just what off road racing will look like on the street course, check out this clip from the Long Beach race. They add in steel jumps on the course, just to mix things up a bit!

Danica Patrick and Kyle Busch POV During Final Lap Wreck at Daytona
I may have been in Florida on the weekend, but I wasn’t “on duty” so to speak, so I didn’t pay any attention to the NASCAR race at Daytona. This morning I learned that there was a big wreck on the last lap of the Coke Zero 400. Who would have thought that a NASCAR race at Daytona would have a multi car crash on the last lap. In fact, they had two crashes on the last lap. Sarcasm aside, Princess Sparkle Pony (aka Danica Patrick), was turned around by another driver, which created the second pile up.

Outwardly that may have looked like a driver issue, but listening to the spotters in the onboard video from Patrick and Busch, it seems like the spotters may have at least partially caused the mess.

  • Insider Report: Londoner thinks eggs go well with Ferrari
  • Insider Report: Londoner thinks eggs go well with Ferrari
  • Insider Report: Londoner thinks eggs go well with Ferrari

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