Insider Report: What is it with
Ferrari owners lately?

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Watch a pair of kids joyride in a Ferrari
Here in the Insider Report, we’ve seen kids joyriding and even an 8-year-old Finnish boy who drives rally cars. Today’s opener is a bit frightening. Here we have a couple of young kids, maybe about 10-ish, taking laps of their neighbourhood in a Ferrari F430. No seatbelts. The kid driving is right up close to the steering wheel so he can reach the pedals. If he had hit something, the airbag would have crushed him. The Youtube poster claims this is in Sobha City in India.

I will say that I was impressed that the young lad had the foresight to slow down for speed bumps!

Have bush, will travel
Poor Robert Kubica. He’s one of those guys who is blindingly fast behind the wheel of anything he drives. The problem is that he also has a habit of crashing into things. Having survived one of the most spectacular Formula 1 crashes of all time, and being speared by an armco barrier, Kubica just keeps on driving.

At the Vodafone Rally de Portugal round of the WRC this weekend, Kubica had yet another crash. Fortunately this time all he hit was a bit of shrubbery, which did not prevent him from continuing. It did however show his never quit attitude. Maybe one day, he will learn to dial it back a notch and actually stay on the road.

Ferrari owner loses his mind over pee prank
There is something about having too much money and owning a Ferrari that pushes some personalities over the edge. How else can you explain the reputation that Ferrari owners have for being, umm, well let’s call it arrogant. I suppose that is a politically correct way of putting it. Take the guy in the video here as a perfect example.

The “mark” of Internet prankster Roman Atwood chose to park his Ferrari in a handicapped spot. Because obviously arrogance is a handicap. Atwood then pokes a hole in the top of a water bottle to make it look like he is relieving himself on the Italian sportscar. That’s when the Ferrari owner snaps and begins chasing him around the parking lot.

Now, I don’t think anyone would be too happy with some guy piddling on their car, but this guy loses any shred of sympathy he might be due when he says: “I could buy your whole family!”  What a piece of work!

Major valet parking fail
We’ve all heard stories of valet parking gone wrong. Most of them involve door dings or maybe a couple of extra turns of the odometer when some teenage valet driver goes for coffee. The video of a valet parking fail below is more like the final scene where Ferris and his dim witted buddy Cameron try to wind back the miles on the Ferrari than it is a joyride. Our hapless valet parks a car at the top of a ramp, where he obviously has forgotten to leave the transmission in gear or engage the parking brake.

The only tip this guy is getting comes from his security detail co-worker who has shot a cell video of the security monitor and posted it on the web for the world to see.

Drivers trick shot battle on Dude Perfect
Anyone who thinks racing drivers get paid only to drive cars are sadly mistaken. In fact, most drivers spend much more time fulfilling media and fan duties than they do actually driving a race car. They have to endure the drudgery of long days on the movie set and doing stuff like pretending to be Harlem Globe Trotters. Yes, you read that correctly.

Ok, so maybe it isn’t all that bad. Travis Pastrana, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, James Buescher (who?) and the Mayor of Hinchtown himself spent an afternoon with the guys from Dude Perfect recently, trying to perfect their basketball skills.

  • Insider Report: What is it with <br>Ferrari owners lately?
  • Insider Report: What is it with <br>Ferrari owners lately?
  • Insider Report: What is it with <br>Ferrari owners lately?
  • Insider Report: What is it with <br>Ferrari owners lately?
  • Insider Report: What is it with <br>Ferrari owners lately?

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