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Insider Report: Karma rewards bird-flipping red-light runner

  • Car queue in the bad traffic road. Selective focus.

Today’s lead video begins as the camera car sits patiently at a red light in the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. When the light turns green, we begin moving forward as cross traffic stops. But wait, there is some guy in a dark Toyota Camry making a left turn as he runs the red. Without sound, we can only guess that the driver of the white SUV probably laid into his horn, which causes the Camry driver to stick his head out the window and give the other driver the middle-finger salute. Shame he doesn’t notice the street car that is about to ram into his right door.

Karma gets the job done!

Spec Miata: a whole lotta fun
There are few things that true sports fans love more than a good, close battle. Single marque classes are the motor racing equivalent of an even playing field, at least in theory. One of the best series ever conceived is Spec Miata. Just imagine, a class made up of one of history’s greatest sports cars and you have an idea just how much fun this series can be. This past week has been SCCA Runoffs week, the 50th anniversary of the Runoffs, and racer Josh Bilicki has posted this onboard video of the Spec Miata race at Road America.

Bilicki started in 39th place in the 70 plus car field. Yes, you read that correctly, there were more than 70 cars in the field and these are the best of the best from every regional series across the United States. In other words, the racing is close. Ride along with Biliki as he gets caught up in a big crash, pits to repair the damages and returns to the track in 58th position before climbing back to P34.

Sports doesn’t get any better than this.

For Sale: Mitsubishi EVO III, driven on weekends only, mildly damaged
One of the greatest challenges of rallying is that much like Las Vegas, what happens on stage, stays on stage. If a car is damaged, it stays there. Unlike closed course racing where there are safety crews and tow trucks, rally crews are pretty much on their own following a crash. During last weekend’s Arbo Rally in Austria, a Mitsubishi EVO III had been crashed and abandoned at a hairpin at the bottom of a steep hill. An oncoming Ranault Clio overshot the hairpin and used the EVO as brakes. It is probably fortunate for the Clio crew that the Mitsu was there, as they would have had a VERY scary ride. Be sure to watch after the initial impact to see just how far the Mitsu went. Those poor tomatoes!

/BIG MUSCLE: 1927 Ford: Double-Trouble
Mike Musto and the rest of the crew have just wrapped up the season of /BIG MUSCLE. They have reviewed some pretty spectacular machinery, so it is only fitting that they rolled out something as insane as Gord Tronson’s 1927 Ford T-Bucket with a pair of V8s with four (yes, four) Weiand blowers perched on top. Anyone who has ever looked closely at a T-Bucket knows that they typically don’t offer much in the way of legroom. Musto is something like 6’4″, so the mad Kiwi builder removed the seat so that the show host could drive while sitting on a box! You know this is a bit odd!

15 Seconds With: 2014 Jaguar F-Type
I have a problem with cars that pretend to be something they aren’t. How many two door sports coupes are there with a teeny back seat that couldn’t carry a 3 year old? The 2014 Jaguar F-Type makes no apologies, it is a sports car. There is no attempt at a back seat, nor even a cargo shelf. The trunk boot of this week’s tester currently holds a pair of shoes and a box of tissue. If I added in the hoodie that is sitting on the passenger seat, the boot would be full and that is just fine. No apologies here, the F-Type is a sports car. A machine that is more about driving than mobility. I want one.

  • Insider Report: Karma rewards bird-flipping red-light runner
  • Insider Report: Karma rewards bird-flipping red-light runner
  • Insider Report: Karma rewards bird-flipping red-light runner
  • Insider Report: Karma rewards bird-flipping red-light runner
  • Insider Report: Karma rewards bird-flipping red-light runner

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