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Insider Report: Jay Leno learns to drift from The King

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Unlike this guy, Jay Leno knows that hooning doesn’t belong on the street. Not only did Toyota let him drive the James Bond 2000GT, but they also set him up with some drifting lessons. Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya rides shotgun with Leno as he tears up a skidpad in a Toyota GT-86. If you are going to play, this is the way to do it!

Pope blesses a pair of Harley-Davidson fuel tanks

Yes, you read that correctly. I have come across some rather unusual press releases over the years, but this one might take the cake. As part of the lead up to Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary celebrations, Willie G. Davidson and his family visited Pope Benedict XVI to have two bike tanks blessed. The tanks will then be signed by both, along with Willie’s Son Bill. One tank will end up in the Harley museum, while the other will be auctioned for charity.

To learn more about the anniversary parties and tour, visit the HD110 site.

Will SPEED become yet another sports channel?

Once upon a time, depending on your viewpoint, the SPEED Channel was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Over the years and through ownership changes, the variety of programming has suffered. Lately, the non-racing shows have been a desperate mix of bad and really bad. Now owned by FOX, there have been grumblings among the media crowd that perhaps the all-automotive channel might make a format change soon. The LA Times that says FOX is planning to begin covering ALL sports.

“While Fox has declined to comment on its planned channel, people familiar with the matter said the company will convert its niche sports channel called Speed into a broad-based sports network.”

Meanwhile, Jalopnik has also reported on the story, which has prompted a response from SPEED VP of Media Relations, Erik Arneson to say:

“No decisions from FOX Sports yet … everything still speculation at this point … we remain in active negotiations with multiple motor sports bodies, including NASCAR and F1.”

It sounds likely that the gearhead crowd is about to be left out in the cold once again. Good thing we have the Internet to keep us busy!

One on one with racer Randy Pobst

He has been called one of the nicest men in racing. Randy Pobst is one of those guys who has a passion for motorsports and was fortunate enough to be able to turn it into a career. Earlier this Summer, we saw his car burn almost to the ground while he was at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Now, as the Pirelli World Challenge Series has come to a close for another year, the Volvo hot shoe took some time with the camera to talk about Volvo, racing and getting old.

Subaru BR-Z to star in ‘Fast and the Furious 6’

The drift-o-licious Toyo-Baru twins continue to show up in videos from around the globe thanks to their sultry good looks and their propensity to shake their tail feathers whenever asked. A report from Motor Trend that says the Subaru BR-Z is set to star in the next “Fast & Furious” flick do not come as too much of a surprise. MT says that Subaru has delivered a flock of the rear wheel drive coupes, possibly as many as five, to the movie crew. The movie is set to hit theatres on May 24, 2013.

A couple of months ago, MT had a little drag race and invited the BR-Z to the party.

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