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Insider Report: Is this what they mean by carpooling?

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Whether caused by pedal misapplication, stuck throttle or misguided evasive action, we may never know what caused this car to sail through a fence and into a pool. Caught on security camera, there is no indication of what caused the impromptu car wash, just evidence that it happened. Fortunately, the driver was unhurt and was able to swim away from his soggy submarine.

Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013 U.A.E.

I have shared more than a few crazy videos from Arab countries, most of which include some sort of crazy stunting on public roads. Fortunately, there are lots of motorsports enthusiasts in that part of the world that actually take part in organized events too. Add in Red Bull and you know that something good is coming and there will be some great visuals to boot.

Audi creates Ultimate Paintball Duel

Here comes another case of boys will be boys: the folks at Audi’s R & D centre thought it might be fun to play paintball with a couple of cars. What happens when engineering types get an idea in their head? They build it. So, a pair of RS4 Avants had automatic paintball guns mounted on their hoods, along with a few other paint dispensing mods that would make James Bond grin. Then, the team set up foam towers in their “performance bunker” just like the obstacles one might see in a regular paintball place, before setting a couple of warriors loose in the cars. It looks like a good time was had by all. They even managed to put the Quattro system on display when the floor became all blue, yellow and slippery.

P1 focuses on Scott Nicol

Last month, I showed you an episode of a show called P1, that focused on Canadian Touring Car Championship driver Damon Sharpe. The next episode of the show is out, and this time the action moves to rural Quebec and the historic Circuit Mont Tremblant. The subject of this one is Barrie, Ont.-based driver Scott Nicol. The 2005 series Champion has been away from racing for a couple of years and is back and looking to get to the front of the field. As with the first video, the production and image quality are outstanding. Still, I wanted to crawl through my monitor and throttle the announcer when he said “Moss-Port” when talking about my home track. It might be a small thing, but it is a pet peeve of mine. It is pronounced Moe-Sport, unless of course you are using the proper name, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Rather than the usual grainy screen shot to go above this text, I have included a shot of Nicol at Mosport last Summer, taken by yours truly.

Behind the wheel with Kyle Marcelli

Also hailing from Barrie, is professional racer Kyle Marcelli who competes in the American Le Mans Series, Grand Am and pretty much any series he gets invited to. Even at just 22 years of age, Marcelli is one of Canada’s brightest racing talents. The folks from AutoMotoFoto sat down with the driver to learn about his past and future as a driver.

Once again, the image above is one of mine. It shows Marcelli last Summer at CTMP in the Pfaff Porsche 911 in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge race.

  • Insider Report: Is this what they mean by carpooling?
  • Insider Report: Is this what they mean by carpooling?
  • Insider Report: Is this what they mean by carpooling?
  • Insider Report: Is this what they mean by carpooling?
  • Insider Report: Is this what they mean by carpooling?

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