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Insider Report: Incredible Polish drifter has no arms

  • Car queue in the bad traffic road. Selective focus.

We’ve talked about inspirational drivers here in the Insider’s Report before. Guys like Alex Zanardi and local boy Robert Buren who continue to take part in motorsports despite their paralyzing injuries. Polish driver Bartek Ostalowski takes the terms dedication and inspiration to a different level. Ostalowski lost both arms in an accident in 2006, but that did not diminish his passion for speed.

The Polish driver controls the pedals with his right foot, while steering with his left. The automatic transmission in his Nissan Skyline GT-R drift car is controlled by his right shoulder. Not only does Ostalowski drift, but he also competes in rallycross!

This first video is in Polish, but one doesn’t need to speak the language to see how incredible this guy is behind the wheel.

An earlier video from Ostalowski’s first rallycross event in 2011 includes an English interview.

Rally crash compilation – just because

Rally has been called the most pure form of motorsport, because it features real cars, being driven at speed on real roads. Unfortunately for competitors, that means crashing is just a matter of time. That works out well for spectators and video crews. Youtube user OfficialLED puts together a monthly compilation of rally crash action from European events. Caution, you are about to watch a bunch of expensive machinery being returned to kit form!

One thing to watch for in this video is the stupid poor location choices of many photographers and fans. No matter how close you think you want to be to the action, anything can happen and it just isn’t safe to be this close. Just ask the photographer who catches a rock with his face at about 22 seconds in.

Graveyard Carz: Season 2 trailer

While I enjoy Survivor and the Amazing Race as much as the next closet reality TV fanatic, I can’t say the same for most of the automotive reality shows that hit the airwaves. It may have something to do with actually knowing a few people who have been on some shows, and knowing how much of the action is scripted. Poorly scripted. There is very little reality in most of these shows.

I seem to recall seeing something about the first season of Graveyard Carz, but I don’t actually think I ever saw an episode, so I can’t even guess whether it was worth watching. This trailer for season two just came across my desk and if the short clip is any indication, it will at least be of interest to all you Mopar fans out there as there are some really cool Mopar machines in this show. Another plus: the cast don’t speak during the trailer!

GYC S02-Sizzle II from The Division on Vimeo.

Vettel and Schumacher win 2012 Race of Champions Nations Cup for sixth year in a row

Bench racers from different types of motorsport have argued for decades over which discipline creates the best drivers. Road racers always turn their noses up at those go-fast-turn-left types, while rally drivers are considered lunatics by just about everyone else. Rally fans of course think that the changeable conditions of rally ensure that their stars are the best drivers. While there will never be a 100 percent clear answer, the annual Race of Champions may be the closest indication of who is the best.

The ROC pits top drivers from many different disciplines against each other, in a variety of styles of cars just to make sure there is a level playing field. Drivers compete individually, but also in the Nation’s Cup, to see which country has the best drivers. Between them, Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher have 10 Formula 1 World Championship titles. Just in case that is not enough of an indication of what country currently produces the best drivers, the pair has just won their SIXTH CONSECUTIVE ROC Nations Cup title for Germany!’s friends at Drive were able to score a test run to present live coverage of the ROC, but sadly that coverage was only licensed for U.S. audiences. That does not prevent them from showing the rest of us some of the cool action from the ROC event over the weekend in Bangkok. First up, the Drive team shows us what cars the drivers will be competing in over the weekend.

  • Insider Report: Incredible Polish drifter has no arms
  • Insider Report: Incredible Polish drifter has no arms
  • Insider Report: Incredible Polish drifter has no arms
  • Insider Report: Incredible Polish drifter has no arms

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