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Insider Report: Impatient driver gets the hook

While waiting to get through one of the most confusing intersections ever, the driver of the camera car below is obviously chomping at the bit, wanting to get to some destination. When the time finally comes for the Toyota minivan ahead to move, the follower takes the opportunity to dive down the inside between the van and a crane on a flatbed. Messing around near large, articulated vehicles in the middle of a turn is often a recipe for disaster, which our driver found out the hard way.

First off, skip ahead to about 1:30, unless you wish to become just as impatient as our driver. Obviously we can’t see exactly what happened, but it would seem the crane had a hook or some other appendage hanging down that grabs hold of the camera car and takes it for a ride. Fortunately a scooter rider scoots on ahead to warn the truck driver of his new attachment.

Let this be a lesson to all of you impatient drivers!

Day two at Targa Newfoundland: Leslie arrives

It’s bad enough that Targa Newfoundland competitors have to navigate the challenging roads of The Rock, but Mother Nature has added her own twist to the event. On day two, Hurricane Leslie made her way to Targa, upping the difficulty level for competitors and making the day miserable for everyone else. The competition keeps going however, as the top competitors are beginning to show who will be the teams to beat. From Wheels’ own Jim Kenzie, here is the Day Two video report.

Urban Outlaw to be revealed at Atlanta film festival

Back in the Spring I showed you the trailer for a movie called Urban Outlaw, that was created by Toronto film maker Tamir Moscovici. The film follows the Porsche obsession of a California based customizer named Magnus Walker. The eclectic Walker is considered one of the premier minds and talents of the Porsche restoration world. Moscovici’s film provides insight into the mind of a mechanical wizard.

The film will launch on September 23 at Docufest in Atlanta before heading to Raindance in London on September 28th. The first chance for Canadians to see Urban Outlaw on its home turf will be at the Edmonton International Film Festival on September 29th. In case you missed it the first time around, you can see the captivating trailer below.

URBAN OUTLAW – THE TRAILER from Tamir Moscovici on Vimeo.

Rally driver to be remembered with World Record Subaru parade attempt

Motorsports are a dangerous endeavor and despite the best efforts of organizers and competitors, sometimes bad things happen during competition. Subaru rally driver Matthew Noble Marker was killed during a rally in Washington last year. To honour his memory, his family and friends are planning an event of sorts on Friday, September 16th in Elk Rapids, Michigan. The plan? To break the Guinness World Record for the longest ever parade of Subarus. The current record of 339 cars was set by Subaru of America in Itasca, Illinois back in 2009.

If you drive a Subaru and can be in Northern Michigan on Friday, then drop by the event page on Facebook to register.

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