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Insider Report: Impatient driver gets launched

You are driving along minding your own business, when traffic ahead slows to a stop for some reason. Like any good driver, you slow with the crowd to wait for traffic to start moving again. Then, some impatient driver speeds up the shoulder because he is more important than everyone else. Sound familiar?

That was the scene for the driver with the dash camera in the video below except that the impatient driver attempts to drive on the left. Problem was, there was oncoming traffic. The driver tried to squeak through, but his right front tire catches onto a poor unsuspecting Honda Accord and the little station wagon ends up climbing the Honda instead.

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Humans aren’t the only ones who like to play in the snow

Whenever the snow falls from the sky, kids across Canada head for the local toboggan hill for some slip and slide fun. It would seem that crows like to slide too. Shot in 2011, this video of a pair of crows frolicking on a Lada Classic in the snow has been making the rounds over the past couple of days. Looks like they are having as much fun as a kid on a crazy carpet.

Motorcam puts a different view on Porsche Cup racing

With the advent of adventure type cameras like GoPro, HD racing footage has been filmed from all sorts of cool new spots. The folks at Porsche Carrera Cup Germany have found a new spot to mount a camera and it yields spectacular footage. They have attached a camera to the bottom of a 911’s engine! Not only is the view from under the back bumper rather exciting, but the sound is classic Porsche. Be sure to turn the sound up on this one.

‘I’m just waiting for a mate’

While filming a ride along type TV show, police in Australia received a call that there was a car doing doughnuts in a shopping mall parking lot and had then crashed. Police arrived to find a bent up car, perched in a garden. The ensuing conversation with the assumed driver would be hilarious if it weren’t for the seriousness of drunk driving.

Appearing super relaxed, the driver tells the officer that “I’m just waiting for a mate.” The conversation continues:

-“What’s going on?”

– “I’m just waiting for a mate.”

– “Is that why your car is all smashed up and you’re up on the grass at the moment, or what?”

– “Yeah. I’m just waiting for a mate. Gone in there. Why?”

– “I’m just wondering how, uh, how the collision with your car happened, man.”

– “What collision?”

– “Well, the one that’s got your wheels all twisted up and your front bumper bar’s hanging off.”

– “Well, I’m just waiting for a mate, as I said.”

– “Who’s your mate?”

The interaction becomes almost like a Laurel & Hardy skit before the man is finally carted off to the station.

A look forward to Victoria Day

Whether you call it the May Two-Four or Victoria Day, the May long weekend is the unofficial start of summer in Ontario. For some folks it means the opening of the cottage, but for race fans it is the first big race event of the year in Ontario. Ron Fellows and his team at the Mosport circuit at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (see what I did there?) have put together a bit of a teaser video to get fans blood flowing for the annual event. This year, the Victoria Day Speedfest will include the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, Trans-Am Series, Canadian Touring Car Championship and the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada.

You can order your tickets in advance by visiting CTMP online.

  • Insider Report: Impatient driver gets launched

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