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Insider Report: How not to park a Ferrari

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Most car enthusiasts dream about getting a chance to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Once there though, they may quickly find out that simple things like parking aren’t quite so simple in some high end sports cars. Just ask the poor fellow in the video below.

Taken by German auto writer Christian Gebhardt, from his hotel balcony, the video shows what happens when a hotel valet attempts to parallel park a Ferrari. This was caught during the 2012 Ferrari Owner’s Group rally from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

I’m thinking that right rear wheel has taken a bit of a beating with repeated bumps into the curb.

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TeamIceRicers V-log #2

On Christmas Eve, I shared a video from the crazy Swedes at TeamIceRacers, showing how they used Godzilla to defeat Old Man Winter. The boys are back with a teaser of their next video. This time, we get just 17 seconds of Samuel “The Crazy Swede” Hübinette, taking a bite out of Winter as a teaser to a longer upcoming film.

On Board with Robby Gordon during Dakar rollover

During my coverage of the Dakar last week, I showed you the aftermath of Robby Gordon’s rollover in the bright orange Hummer. Team Speed has just released the on board footage of the incident. The camera looking back at the driver and co-driver as the truck hit the sand shows just how violent one of these crashes is.

Check back later today for another update on The Dakar.

2013 Team SPEED Dakar Stage 4 from PlanetRobby on Vimeo.

  • Insider Report: How not to park a Ferrari

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