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Insider Report: How NOT to drive your Porsche on the track

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From the folks at Axis of Oversteer comes this frightening on-board video from a driver who is reportedly behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 GT2. So epic is this video that it will go viral among those who have the occasion to attend the odd lapping day or two.

There are many things an experienced driver will notice but for those of you who have never attended a high performance driving school, some of them may not be so obvious. Let’s just say that letting go of the steering wheel and grabbing the A-Pillar when in an oops moment is not typically a smart thing to do. Nor is relaxing with one’s elbow on the door while lapping.

I applaud this driver not only for his good taste in automobiles, but for using his track weapon on the track where it belongs. Now, I just hope he learns from this video and gets some proper instruction, before he balls it (and himself) up like a chip bag!

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Watch a 3,000 horsepower ice dragster in action

Other than the occasional dim witted SUV driver on the 401, most of us don’t think about extreme speeds on ice. Racers in Wisconsin are not like the rest of us. In November, at the St. Germain Wisconsin Speed Radar Runs, the Frozen Assets ice dragster set down an incredible 272 km/h run from a standing start down a 1,000′ strip. In case you think that is no big deal, it takes a whopping 3,000 horsepower to make that happen!

Race of Champions Bangkok highlights from GoPro

During the 2012 Race of Champions, the folks at GoPro set up a bunch of their new HERO3 cameras to catch some of the stars in action. From the streets of Bangkok, where Tom Kristensen and Andy Priaulx played with a scooter taxi this short film moves to the stadium. Once there, we are taken up close and personal with Formula 1 World Champions Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

While I haven’t used a HERO3 yet, I find it interesting that at 0:42 they have the same problem I have discovered with other action cams: Truly horrible sound quality when doing interviews!

Pinstriping The Bootch

One of the favourites at the Canadian International Auto Show, which opens to the public on Friday, is the Castrol Hot Rod Canadian Builders Showcase on the 700 level of the South MTCC. Certainly the biggest star (or at least the longest) of that display will be The Bootch, created by my friend Stony Smith from Oddball Kustoms. The Bootch recently received a new coat of paint, which meant the pinstripes needed to be re-done also. Stony put together this cool time lapse video of pinstriper Rollie working his magic.

McLaren celebrates 50 years with ghostly tale from Bruce

Younger Formula 1 fans may just think of McLaren as one of the top teams in their favourite sport. The brand however is so much more. It is an echo of a time when the combatants were often behind the wheel of cars they actually owned, or in some cases even created themselves. Among the greatest of all of these driver/owner/creators was a Kiwi named Bruce McLaren. A man who changed the face of Grand Prix and Can Am racing forever. A man whose passion for winning and dedication to being the best still affects motor racing to this day.

As McLaren celebrates fifty years, we can be certain that 2013 will see some great videos from the team drawing on their vast history of winning.

Few will be as haunting as Courage.

I WANT one of these!

  • Insider Report: How NOT to drive your Porsche on the track

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