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Insider Report: How is this insane driver still on the road?

I’ve never been one to subscribe to the “video games corrupts kids” train of thought, but this video of Giorgi Tevzadze and his BMW M5 is clearly derived from the “Need For Speed” franchise of driving games. So much so that this Georgian terror has chosen the YouTube name “Need For Drive”.

Rather than take his need for speed to a track, the man takes it to the streets where he commits absolutely insane crimes against common sense. I don’t know anything about traffic laws in the former Russian republic, but I suspect in this 10-minute video alone he has probably broken dozens of real crimes, too. Given that his name, licence plate and face are going viral across the interwebs, it shouldn’t be too long before this guy is behind bars where he belongs.

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Ferrari: Made to be driven

Many sports car owners won’t take their pride and joy out on a cloudy day for fear that a drop of rain might tarnish their perfect shine. Owners of the million-dollar Ferrari Enzo though seem to be a bit more willing to drive their machines. That is a good thing, as the Enzo is not just gorgeous and fast, but it’s a real car. So much so that one owner put 50,000 km on his before crashing it during a high-speed charity event. The owner of the car in the video below clearly has no qualms with putting his Enzo to the test either, as he flogs it on the dirt roads around a vineyard. Good for him!

Ferdinand Ice Festival

In Minden, Ontario, we have ice racing, but the vehicles on hand tend to be of the winter beater variety. In Drevsjø, Norway, on the other hand, they do things a bit differently. Every year, a massive 4.4 km track called the Vurrusjøen Ice Way is plowed on a frozen lake in preparation for the Ferdinand Ice Festival. The 2013 event saw all sorts of Porsche models, an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini, a hot rod, and even a brave (or crazy) soul on a sport bike. Of course there was also a large assortment of Subaru, BMW and Audi models to round out the day. A helicopter pilot even got in on the action.

This is something for the Ontario motorsports community to aspire to!

More views of the truck that flipped and kept on going

Remember that video a couple of weeks ago of a desert race truck that flipped end over end and then kept going? Well, the truck was a Rally Fighter from Local Motors. The boutique manufacturer had a bunch of GoPro cameras mounted on the truck, so now we can see a bunch of different angles. Also, driver Buddy Crisp talks about the incident.


Video has gotten so easy in the digital age that anyone, even clueless folks like me, can create great videos. Back in the film days, it wasn’t quite so simple. That is why DEATH SPRINT in TERROR CANYON is just so cool.

Created back in 1971 by Pete Dawson, Ben Woollen, Dan Inglis, and Scott Granville, the flick features a muscle car, a gasser and a rail on a death race through a Nevada desert. This is a great bit of automotive video history!

DEATH SPRINT in TERROR CANYON from chasingtimeFILM on Vimeo.

  • Insider Report: How is this insane driver still on the road?

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