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Insider Report: Man surprises girlfriend in tearjerker video

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So many times we see guys at the track who have to finish up their Honey-Do list before they’re “allowed” to come out and play. It doesn’t have to be this way. Lots of women love racing; it all comes down to finding someone who actually shares the same interests as you. Jake Wile found that perfect person in a young lady named Maggie. The couple autocross together and even wrench on their BMW autocross car together, so it was a natural choice for Jake to propose to her in the car. Specifically, he did a big handbrake stop in the middle of a run, pulled off his helmet and asked Maggie to be his “co-driver for life.” You can tell by Maggie’s astonished reaction that she really didn’t see that one coming!

This is so good it almost brought a tear to my eye. As I write this, the video, which is under a week old, has already been viewed over 600,000 times, so the romantics out there must love it too.

Watch Sebastian Vettel imitate Super Mario
Red Bull does some pretty neat stuff, but they also do some stuff that is just plain old fun, like putting a multiple time F1 champ in a soap box derby. Not only did the energy drink maker put Sebastian Vettel into a soap box racer, but they also dressed him up like Super Mario. Ever the good sport, the winner of last week’s German Grand Prix delighted fans by careening down a hill dressed up as everyone’s favourite video game character.

Germans love them some hot rod culture
Europeans may have a reputation for disliking American tourists, but they unabashedly embrace old skool American gearhead culture. Rockabilly, hot rods & choppers, pinup girls and pinstriping are alive and well in Germany, maybe even more so than on this continent. They do it really well too. Check out this hot rod and bike gathering at Thunderbike Customs in Germany last week.

Driving an evil ’65 Corvair
Mike Musto has the best job in the world, even better than mine. Once upon a time, Musto had a real job in the Big Apple that allowed him to build enough of a buffer that when he tired of the proverbial rat race, he was able to set out to make his mark in automotive media. These days, Mr. Angry as Mike is known, travels around the States looking for cool machines to drive as the host of Big Muscle on Drive. I get to do some pretty neat stuff almost every week, but I envy Musto for the chance to drive some of these wicked muscle cars. This week, he drives a mean V-8 powered ’65 Corvair that defies the notion of “unsafe at any speed.”

Watch Paul Tracy prang a stadium race truck
I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again: the highlight of the Honda Indy Toronto was the bump, grind and jump fest that was the Stadium Super Truck Series. Out of those two races, the event that caused the most noise from the fans was when The Thrill from West Hill smacked the wall hard on the front straight, ripping a wheel off the truck. This was great fun and these trucks could be a headline event anywhere.

  • Insider Report: Man surprises girlfriend in tearjerker video
  • Insider Report: Man surprises girlfriend in tearjerker video
  • Insider Report: Man surprises girlfriend in tearjerker video
  • Insider Report: Man surprises girlfriend in tearjerker video
  • Insider Report: Man surprises girlfriend in tearjerker video

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