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Insider Report: Great R/C car police chase

  • Scenic cityscape of downtown Toronto Ontario Canada during a sunny day

The folks involved with the Need For Speed video game franchise, along with MTV reality celebs Rob and Big worked with youtube user freddiew to create what has to be the best R/C car chase scene ever. Done as part of the lead-up to the new NFS game launch on October 30, the short video shows what happens when a group of outlaw drifters try to take over the streets. The camera work and editing are great, not to mention the cool helicopter scenes. Strap in for an exciting ride!

Woman drives classic Ferrari while wearing high heels
Youtube user yd222 captured video of a Zoute Grand Prix competitor while she stopped to get gas in the Ferrari 275 GTB. The sight of the ultra rare car being used in competition is an unusual thing in itself, but the driver’s choice of footwear is what really takes the cake. The young lady is driving this super expensive classic while wearing high heels.

This one should get Jim Kenzie all riled up, as regular readers know he always has something to say about proper footwear for driving.

The Zoute Grand Prix is an annual event in Belgium that combines a vintage car rally, with a concours d’elegance and a driving tour for owners of more modern exotics.

Ferrari tribute at Targa Florio
The Targa Florio was one of the most storied open road races of the early days of racing, and also one of the most dangerous. Beginning as early as 1906, the legendary event was part of the World Sportscar Championship from 1955 until ’73. The race around the 72 kilometre track through Sicily continued as a local sports car race until 1977 when it was cancelled due to safety concerns.

In recent years, the event has been reborn in the fashion of a vintage rally much like Targa Tasmania or Targa Newfoundland. The 2012 event, held from October 11 through the 14th, was a tribute to the Ferrari brand, which saw Prancing Horse owners from around the globe bring their cars to Sicily to take part. The media folks at Ferrari worked pretty quickly to get this video together already that captures the beauty of the event, from the natural scenery to the mechanical.

Watch a twin Hemi dragster smoke the tires down the entire drag strip
A while back I came across video of a twin engine dragster that I shared with you, but I think this one is even cooler. Unlike the car in that video, which had two V-8 engines side by side, the one you are about to see has two great big, blown Hemis that are situated line astern. Needless to say, that combo is capable of generating some serious go. Unless, the bias ply rear drag slicks just turn to smoke!

Dawn Mazi-Hovsepian grabbed this video of Ken Hull in Jeff Lear’s dragster that is powered by two 392 Hemi engines. Blown of course. In the right lane is E.J. Kowalski in his fuel injected, Chevy powered dragster. The action was shot at the Rod and Kulture Magazine Jalopy Showdown Drags at Beaver Springs Dragway.

When I watch this stuff, I think I was born in the wrong town, in the wrong decade!

  • Insider Report: Great R/C car police chase
  • Insider Report: Great R/C car police chase
  • Insider Report: Great R/C car police chase
  • Insider Report: Great R/C car police chase

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