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Insider Report: The Hoff would love this homemade Knight Rider replica

Go for a ride with a homebuilt "Knight Rider" replica

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Occasionally, there are movies and TV shows where the car is the star over the cast, thanks to creative writers and even more talented fabricators, who manage to turn an idea into reality. Disagree with me? Who was the star of The Love Bug? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t Dean Jones, it was a personality laden Volkswagen named Herbie. As is witnessed at car shows around the world, fans still go crazy for Herbie more than 40 years after the film was created, when they show up in their own tribute cars.

Another prime example is the show Knight Rider, where the star was a talking Trans Am named KITT. Sure, David Hasselhoff was along for the ride, but The Hoff was nowhere near as cool as his car. The gang at Hagerty hooked up with a guy who has created his own faithful recreation of KITT. While I’m not usually a fan of these replicas, I have to admit that this one is pretty sweet. In the video below, he takes us for a ride and explains in detail how he turned his 1991 Trans Am GTA into KITT.


Robert Kubica has yet another crash, almost wipes out a herd of cattle
Most people reach a point in their endeavors where they realize that enough is enough and it is time to quit and take up knitting. That time can’t come soon enough for former Formula 1 star Robert Kubica. The guy has always been fast, in whatever he has driven. Unfortunately he also has had a history of having spectacular crashes, including one that nearly ended his life at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. Another one, in a rally car, saw him lose part of an arm when he was impaled by a guardrail.


This past weekend at the Rally Poland, Kubica had yet another crazy crash. This time, he very nearly decimated a herd of cattle and a couple of photographers. Fortunately, neither cattle nor human were hit.


Hold on, we’re going lapping at Sebring in a Lola T-70
There are some pretty impressive vintage race cars that are still circulating the racetracks of the world, many of which are those beasts they called the Ground Pounders. Can-Am cars. Tiny sports racing cars with gigantic V8 engines.


Today we are going to go for a ride at Sebring with a gent known only as DHR in the Lola T-70 you see above. Simply evil.


They call them Airheads
When some people use the term airheads, it is a derogatory term for a less than intelligent human being. When my kids talk about Airheads, they are referring to little suckers that they find at Target in the States. To a motorcycle fanatic, an Airhead is a vintage BMW. The guys at Petrolicious caught up with Josh Withers about his love for the breed.

15 Seconds With: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST
Loud cars, like loud bikes, tick people off. That makes things tough for many of us enthusiasts, who want to hear the machine beneath us. When they were creating the incredible 2009 Bullit Mustang (one of my all time favourite cars by the way), Ford introduced a sound tube that connected the outside with the inside. This tube drew the V8 soundtrack into the car, without creating even more exhaust noise to distract the neighbours. They have used this same idea in the Fiesta ST.

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