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Insider Report: Garage in the sky

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From Today digital comes this feature on what just may be the ultimate garage. The new Hamilton Scotts condos in Singapore feature a “car porch” in every unit of the 30-storey building. Residents drive into the underground parking lot just like any other highrise, but instead of a parking spot, they drive onto a turntable. Once they are identified by a thumbprint reader, their ride is loaded onto a glass elevator and whisked up to their glass enclosed parking space, right next to their living room!

Russian biker takes a dip in traffic
We’ve all seen that guy on a bike who decides to bypass stopped traffic by riding up the shoulder. I don’t think that is what the guy in the video below was doing. Traffic is stopped and the rider is entering the roadway on a ramp when he just goes straight. It almost looks like he had a major brain fade as he didn’t even try to slow down until the lane ended and he was on the wet grass, about to launch into a drainage ditch full of water. Needless to say he didn’t get the bike stopped in time and made quite a splash. Fortunately, the rider wasn’t injured, he just got the worst soaker of his life.

Car and Driver takes first drive in Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Ask any old school Ferrari fan what their ultimate Ferrari layout would be and they will undoubtedly say it should have a V12 engine mounted up front, delivering power to the rear wheels. It would be as fast as it looked and it would sound spectacular. After watching the quick first drive review from Car and Driver below, it looks like Ferrari has hit the nail on the head with the 2013 F12 Berlinetta.

C/D senior editor Tony Quiroga was the lucky guy to get behind the wheel. While he doesn’t have the personality of Jezzah or Chris Harris, Quiroga does have some interesting observations about how this prancing stallion might fare in the real world. As one would hope, the F12 is undeniably sexy to look at and the shriek of the 700+ horsepower 6.3L V12 is nothing short of spine tingling. The C/D estimated performance figures are staggering:

0-60 (96 km/h) in 3.1 seconds.
0-100 (160 km/h) in 7.1 seconds.
11.1 seconds in the quarter mile.
Top speed: 211 m.p.h. which works out to a mind-blowing 338 km/h.

Be sure to crank the speakers for this one!

Very lucky day for foolish drift cameraman
Every now and then I rant about motorsport photographers who do stupid things and put themselves at risk. There is more to it than just not wanting to see someone ending up dead. Every single time shooters put themselves in a dangerous position, it causes organizers to enforce new rules. Each of these rules, designed to keep those without common sense safe, makes my job as a photographer more difficult. I resent that.

During the recent D1 GP in Ebisu, Japan, drift star Manabu Orido went a bit wide and put his heavily modified Toyota 86 into a tire wall. On the way there, he came very close to taking out a video cameraman who was standing right out in the open. He was right out there with a tripod and no protection. Had he moved a couple of metres to his left he would have had almost the same angle and the protection of some big concrete blacks. Not so smart.

Axis of Oversteer interviews JF Musial from DRIVE
Without wanting to sound too much like Andy of Mayberry, I tend to get this little twinge of pride when my friends create something magnificent. Even more so when it is a group of friends. I also think it is pretty cool that I get to share the cool content these folks create with readers. One of the projects I have shared on more than one occasion here in the Insider Report is DRIVE Channel. Created by JF Musial and a cast of other truly cool car fanatics, DRIVE is an all automotive (OK, bikes too) channel that is unique in that it can only be found on youtube. Not that having a youtube channel is anything unique, but DRIVE’s high quality filming combined with killer machines, iconic locations and fun personalities have attracted unprecedented growth in a very short period of time. Launched on Jan. 2 of this year, DRIVE already has over 131,000 subscribers and video views are rapidly approaching 23 million in eight months.

One of my favourite haunts online is the Axis of Oversteer blog, where all sorts of cool racing-related stuff is shared on a more or less daily basis. The folks at AofO recently sat down with Musial to discuss the past, present and future of DRIVE. It is a good read. Although this trailer for Season 3 is a few weeks old, it gives a glimpse into some of the great new content these guys have on tap in the coming months.

  • Insider Report: Garage in the sky
  • Insider Report: Garage in the sky

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