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Insider Report: Flatulent Corolla is a real gas

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I must admit I am not a big fan of pranks, mainly because most are destructive in some way and that just isn’t my thing. The following video, however, gave me a full-on belly laugh. This is something I could see myself doing! Coming through the Kinja entries at Jalopnik is this video from some guys who attached a short length of bicycle tire tube to the exhaust of their buddy’s Toyota Corolla hatchback, then followed him as he drove, noisily and unaware, through the city. Not sure what that would do? Think whoopie cushion on steroids and you have an idea.

You may find it funny, you may find it goofy, but either way, the video has had close to 1 million hits on YouTube. (For the record, my wife and 14-year-old son both just called me a loser for laughing at it.)

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“This is a Fiat with an old Dutch man behind the wheel!”
Yesterday, I showed you a couple of Top Gear videos so you would have an idea who the incredible Sabine Schmitz is. In today’s video comparo, Schmitz takes on the CEO of Nurburgring Car Rental and Tuition School RSRNurburg, Ron Simons. The Fiat Schmitz is talking about is the Ferrari 458 Italia that Simons will be driving, while trying to outpace the lady in the Porsche GT3RS. You can tell from the quote above that the combatants in this friendly rivalry are going to hold no bars in their attempt to win!

“This is what Ferraris are for”
Another video from the gang at RSRNurburg shows another use for a Ferrari: Opening a beer. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a cold beverage like pop or beer, with a pry off cap has had the problem of not having an opener handy. I have seen people use the edge of a lighter, a table, a screwdriver and even a hammer to open a drink. This is the first time I’ve seen someone use a Ferrari.

Grand Prix racing from 1937
This vintage footage has been floating around the internet for some time now, although there are a few bits in here I haven’t seen before. The short clip follows the Grand Prix circuit as it was before WWII, when cars were fast and designers had little thought to handling, braking or safety. The clip is interesting to watch not only for the cars, but for the glimpse into the fashions of the day.

Acura releases Vine clip of NSX concept in action
It has been a couple of years now since the Acura NSX concept was revealed at the Canadian International Auto Show here in Toronto. Earlier this year, a mildly reworked version of the same concept was on the stage at the New York show, but we still haven’t seen it in action. Until now. Check out this quick Vine video from Acura.

  • Insider Report: Flatulent Corolla is a real gas
  • Insider Report: Flatulent Corolla is a real gas
  • Insider Report: Flatulent Corolla is a real gas
  • Insider Report: Flatulent Corolla is a real gas

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