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Insider Report: Dubai embraces
the family-sized Ferrari

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Ferrari builds great family cars
Today’s lead-in story comes to us from Dubai, where the wealthy are rampant and common sense is not. Just ask the driver of this lovely yellow Ferrari 458 Italia Spider. Although the car has just two seats, this guy manages to stuff his family of five, three of them children, into the prancing pony. No car seat? Not enough seatbelts? No problem!

Drew Bezanson vs Joyride 150
Nobody ever said that was a cars only place, as motorcycles and occasionally bicycles make an appearance too. Located in Markham is a re-purposed warehouse called Joyride 150. It is a favourite haunt of BMX fans across the GTA, including my own boys. International BMW rider Drew Bezanson calls Joyride 150 home, so when the Red Bull sponsored rider needs a place to create a new video, the place is happy to offer up their ramps and even create new ones just for the shoot. The place is incredible and what Bezanson does in the place is nothing short of amazing.

Porsche Motorsport: Growing the family with Patrick Dempsey
No longer racing with the Zoom Zoom gang, heartthrob actor Patrick Dempsey has moved over the to Porsche camp for the 2013 season. As popular in the paddock as on television, Dempsey is in France practising for this year’s Le Mans 24 Hour race, which runs next weekend. Needless to say, Porsche is pretty happy to have such a strong brand booster in their corner and have just released this great video to welcome Dempsey to the fold.

S├ębastien Loeb & Rhys Millen Pikes Peak Test Run 2013
Having spent a couple of days driving up and down mountain passes in Colorado & Utah last week has given me new respect for what it takes to even compete at Pikes Peak. Intestinal fortitude doesn’t even begin to cover it. This is a place where legends are made. Drivers and machines who are the elite among the elite of auto racing are the only ones who stand a chance. Seven time WRC Champion stands a pretty good chance of winning this year’s event and the video below shows that even he isn’t taking the frightening roads lightly. Rhys Millen comes from a racing family and his Dad is a legend at Pikes Peak. He will certainly be another of the top contenders this year.

On the June 8th tire testing session, Loeb was a full 26 seconds faster than Millen (the second fastest) on the lower section of the mountain alone. On the 9th, Loeb was a whopping 44 seconds faster on the upper section. Nobody else was even close.

A reminder of what can go wrong
In the 2012 running of the second oldest auto race in America, there was a crash that was a sobering reminder of just how dangerous Pikes Peak can be. Fortunately for Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov, it was also a reminder that proper car preparation combined with a bit of luck can save lives.

  • Insider Report: Dubai embraces <br>the family-sized Ferrari
  • Insider Report: Dubai embraces <br>the family-sized Ferrari
  • Insider Report: Dubai embraces <br>the family-sized Ferrari
  • Insider Report: Dubai embraces <br>the family-sized Ferrari
  • Insider Report: Dubai embraces <br>the family-sized Ferrari

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