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Insider Report: Driver escapes — in reverse — from a runaway truck

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Anyone who has ever done any sort of work on a steep incline knows that the most important part of the job is securing any vehicles to make sure they don’t get loose on the hill. The workmen in this video from Korea didn’t get this part of the job done right! As the quick thinking driver of the camera car makes a run for it (in reverse no less!), he or she had to have been hoping that no other cars pulled out to block their path.

This one is a great save!

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Canadian Heroes racer wins Trans Am rookie of the year award

The general public in 2012 may have never heard of the Trans Am, but the series has a special place in the hearts of even the most casual motorsport fan here in North America. At one time considered one of the top racing series, Trans Am has gone through some challenging times, but has now bounced back. Once again, fans can see the spectacle of big horsepower, V8 powered machines doing battle on historic tracks like Mosport (sorry, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park), Watkins Glen and Road America.

Southern Ontario is a heavy hitter in the series thanks to the folks at Gateway Racing, located at CTMP. Ian Michael Patterson of Waterloo, campaigns his #74 Corvette out of Gateway. That car is pretty special, as it wears the livery of the Canadian Heroes organization. The Trans Am series wrapped up a couple of weekends ago at Road Atlanta, with some pretty exciting news. Patterson won Rookie of the Year and took 5th spot overall in the hotly contested series.

This is a big accomplishment for Patterson, Gateway and perhaps most importantly, Canadian Heroes. Well done team!

kartSTART gives 133 kids a head start behind the wheel

Motorsport is perhaps one of the best activities for families to play, learn and grow together. I have long been a proponent of getting kids behind the wheel of a go-kart. It teaches so many lessons that will grow with kids, not the least of which is the development of driving skills. They are having so much fun, they don’t even know they are learning.

Just to clarify, yes, all three of my kids have driven and continue to as often as possible.

The folks at Toyota Canada think the same way, which is why they became involved with kartSTART. 133 kids took part in the driving experience, which took place at Sunset Speedway in Barrie and at Autodrome St. Eustache in Quebec. While the kids were out learning the basics, parents were given the opportunity to experience how ABS braking works in a Smart Stop demonstration.

On board a classic Trans Am Javelin

The glory days of the Trans Am series were back in the late 60s and early 70s, when the big auto manufacturers did battle in order to sell more cars. This was a time when “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” really meant something. This great video of Bruce Canepa driving his ex-Penske 1970 AMC Javelin at the Coronado Speed Festival gives a glimpse into what the original T/A series was all about.

  • Insider Report: Driver escapes — in reverse — from a runaway truck
  • Insider Report: Driver escapes — in reverse — from a runaway truck
  • Insider Report: Driver escapes — in reverse — from a runaway truck
  • Insider Report: Driver escapes — in reverse — from a runaway truck

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