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Insider Report: Three guesses what this poor woman is thinking

Walter Röhrl scares the bejeebers out of TV presenter

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Many people have little to no clue just how fast a car can be, so their reactions can be somewhat entertaining to those of us who do. Sometimes, the reaction is downright hilarious and deserves to be published on YouTube. This is one of those. German TV presenter, actor and singer Barbara Schöneberg had the opportunity to go for a ride in an Audi S3 with motorsport legend Walter Röhrl. The past World Rally Champion is one of the most talented men to ever hold a steering wheel, so one should expect a brisk pace. To be fair, Schöneberg does a great job of keeping quiet and keeping her lunch down, but her facial expressions are priceless.

You can, but you shouldn’t

Full disclosure: I stole that headline from my fellow Wheels contributor, Jil McIntosh, because I thought it was perfect for today’s Aussie antics. I believe the proper term for this lad in Down Under speak is Hoon. YouTube poster noddy0787 decided to end the life of a crusty old Datsun in spectacular fashion, by launching it off a jump in the Outback, saying “the boys said i would not make it so i just hit it as fast as the old girl would go”. He got it up to 80 km/h and flew close to 30 metres!

Do not try this at home!


This miniature V8 is a gearhead’s dream

I feel lucky to be able to create decent automotive photos, but in no way do I consider myself an artist. I am in awe of people who can truly create something from nothing, especially when it is as complex as a miniature V8 that actually runs. This 45cc V8 was home built and actually runs on regular gasoline. The builder was planning to install it in a buggy of some sort but has now decided to spend the next couple of years building a V10 instead.


Honda Mean Mower vs. BTCC Honda Civic

From the boys will be boys file comes this video from Auto Express. You may recall a story about a crazy 130 horsepower riding mower that The Stig drove a while back. Called The Mean Mower, this Honda was built by British Touring Car Championship competitors, Team Dynamics. Not content to just let The Stig have a go, the team cooked up a race between three time BTCC Champion Matt Neal in his race car and team mate and reigning champ, Gordon Shedden on the mower.

Naturally, the race was held in the rain.





15 Seconds With: 2013 Ford C-Max Energi plug-in Hybrid

This is the second version of Ford’s new C-Max that I have driven, so I was prepared to enjoy the drive and enjoy it I did. Not overly exciting on the road, the C-Max is a comfortable, quiet vehicle that makes a lot of sense. Its upright seating and doors make entry and egress easy for someone who has a bad back like me and the cargo space makes it a really useful family vehicle. Whoops. That is the regular C-Max. I had to pick up a new trolley jack for a project in my garage today and when I opened the tailgate, I was surprised to find a large battery box in the way. All of the other pluses are still in effect.

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