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Insider Report: Do not let these guys build your house

Traffic laws here in Canada and those in other parts of the world just aren’t the same, nor is people’s concept of safety. Apparently neither is the delivery condition of home building supplies. These guys must have just come from picking up lumber at their local Home Depot (do they have those in Russia?) and appear to have no concept of weight distribution. Or weight capacity. Notice the guy standing on the left front of the truck, trying to balance out the load like some sort of human ballast.

Would you want this trashed lumber used to build your new house?

Vintage motorsports: Mickey Thompson breaks the 400 MPH barrier

Today’s casual enthusiasts might know the name Mickey Thompson from the wheels and tires that bear his name. In fact, Thompson was a serious competitor in several forms of racing in his younger days. Like many hot rodders, Thompson had a strong desire to set new land speed records, which meant big horsepower and a streamliner.

In 1960, Thompson took his car, the Challenger 1, to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Powered by four big V8 engines, the machine took Thompson to 407 Miles Per Hour (650 km/h for those who can’t remember MPH) before a crash on the return run prevented Thompson from setting a new record. Even still, this was the fastest anyone had driven to date and was a huge accomplishment.

Boys will be boys, especially when they have Ferraris at their disposal

It has been a while since I’ve shared any video from Jorrie2, which is a bit of a shame. The young Euro video guy has been befriended by his local supercar crowd and is often invited out to grab the antics of rich car guys at play. Jorrie’s most recent session involves a bunch of Ferrari owners out cavorting in the countryside with five Ferrari Challenge Stradales. There are a number of older cars in the fray, including a Testa Rossa and maybe a 348 or two as well.

Jorrie considers this his best sounding video to date, which says something considering the exotic toys he gets to shoot. In other words, Ferrari fans will want to turn this one up!

Big Muscle drives AMXess

In 1969, my dad raced a red, white and blue AMC AMX that was nicknamed the AMX-ecutioner, that was sponsored by Bob Bannerman Motors. Having been born just two years earlier, I should have no memories of this car and yet my very first memory as a child is of this obnoxious race car. I was standing on the grass beside the old fuel docks at Mosport, that were between the upper and lower paddock, as dad rolled by with a loud banging noise coming from the car. As he coasted to a stop next to our van, I think I might have heard the F-Bomb for the first time. Reliability was not the 390 cubic inch V8’s strong suit, but the car was just so outrageous that it was burned into my brain.

I was excited then to find out that the guys from DRIVE were going to be spending some quality time with a “Pro-Touring” style AMX that has been nicknamed AMXess. While I have never been a huge AMC fan, I obviously have a soft spot for the AMX in my very soul. Show host Mike Musto comments that many AMC fans criticize owner Jimi Day’s decision to plunk a Chevy crate motor and a For 9″ rear end into his modern interpretation of the AMX, but for me these choices are absolutely perfect given my family’s history with the car.

My only question is: why does a car that spends 30 per cent of its days on a race track only have a simple roll bar? This car can generate some serious speed and should have a full cage. Either way, day has built an awesome machine and the DRIVE team has done a great job showcasing it.

The things the Insider does for you!

Yesterday might have been one of the last remaining warm and sunny days of the month. As folks around my neighbourhood were out doing yard work and hanging Christmas lights, I had to take one for the team, so to speak. I had to spend my afternoon at a local airport, shooting video of the simply evil 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 for you. I know, my job sucks.

Here is a teaser of the footage we shot today.

  • Insider Report: Do not let these guys build your house
  • Insider Report: Do not let these guys build your house
  • Insider Report: Do not let these guys build your house
  • Insider Report: Do not let these guys build your house

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