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Video: Deer are built Ford-tough in Borat's homeland

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I suspect I am not alone when I say that the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name Kazakhstan is Borat, and yet I haven’t even seen the movie. Thanks to this silly but incredibly funny bit of dash cam video, I now have another point of reference. Instead of a fictional political figure, I see visions of a massive, fake deer slamming into an overpass.

I have no idea where the oversized deer was headed or who built the beast, but I do have to comment on its structural integrity. What the heck was this thing made of?  The bridge should have torn the four-legged victim’s head clean off, but instead it almost flipped the garbage truck it was riding in. Cars should be built this tough!

Rhyming and Building: The R&B of Chevrolet Vehicles
I have long said that the car hobby is built on passion, as should be the car industry. Music is equally passionate, so there is no surprise that players have been writing songs about cars since there have been cars. A trio of GM line workers take that passion to a whole other level as they sing about the cars they build for the rest of us to drive.

I have met a bunch of GM executives and am happy to know that each one is a passionate car guy, and most of them have a garage full of toys. It is inspiring to know that there are employees right down the line (literally) who share that passion.

Watch a massive Russian military hovercraft land on a beach full of people
This is one of those non-wheeled videos that I just had to share. Hovercrafts look like a heck of a lot of fun, but they are also useful tools, which means that many military forces use them. Take this monstrous Russian machine that recently landed on a crowded beach near Mechnikovo.

Gizmodo reports that the beach is actually restricted space and is the normal landing place for the 550 ton craft that is capable of carrying tanks and up to 400 troops. If that is the case, then the Russian military needs to do some work to its fences!

XCAR drags a trio of Ford GTs
If somebody gave pretty much any automotive publication a Ford GT, a GT40 and a super rare GT70 for an unrestricted day at a race track, it wouldn’t be too long before the question of which car is fastest was answered. The guys at XCAR recently had that chance and put the three beasts to the test.

15 Seconds With: 2013 Nissan Titan Crew Cab
“Dad, have you noticed how friendly people are around here? People keep waving at you.”

My kid’s observation was spot on, the people of Bancroft are friendly, but this was different than what we have experienced on other visits to the home of the Rally of the Tall Pines. In this case, every single thumbs up, wave or smile came from the driver of a traditional domestic pickup. Cottage Country is also pick-up country and the locals loved the Titan.

  • Video: Deer are built Ford-tough in Borat's homeland
  • Video: Deer are built Ford-tough in Borat's homeland
  • Video: Deer are built Ford-tough in Borat's homeland
  • Video: Deer are built Ford-tough in Borat's homeland
  • Video: Deer are built Ford-tough in Borat's homeland

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