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Insider Report: Man tries to jump a car, learns that's a stupid idea

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Guy tries to jump a car and gets hit, walks away
From the ‘Do not try this at home’ category comes this video of a future Darwin Award winner in action. YouTuber Friekenwork thought he had a pretty good pair of legs, so he thought he would attempt to jump a speeding car. He had a friend drive towards him at over 60 km/h and he jumped. But his height wasn’t quite what he anticipated and he hit the car’s windshield with both feet, shattering the windshield. Fortunately, the glass was the only thing he broke; astonishingly, he was able to walk away from this idiotic adventure. The poor girl driving the car looks more than a little traumatized by the whole thing.

Cliff diving in a BMW M3
Having just spent two days hustling along mountain roads in Colorado and Utah, I am having a really tough time with this video. When driving fast on truly dangerous roads, the number one rule is to not over-drive the car. That rule can be further described as stay in your own lane to prevent head on collisions and don’t fly off the road. It really is just common sense. In some cases during the Mazda Adventure Rally, there were unprotected drop offs of 1,000 metres or more and yet we still managed to hustle up and down some incredible roads and stay alive.

Sadly, common sense isn’t so common, so you get dimwits like the guy in the video below. Driving way beyond his talent level, this guy is all over the road in his BMW M3, crossing the centre line several times before understeering right off the road. Fortunately for him, BMW’s passive safety systems did their job and protected him from the nasty crash. Just wait till his insurance company gets wind of this video!

Pool destruction, Ontario redneck style
The internet is full of silly redneck stunts, usually involving things with wheels and engines. Usually they come to us from rural America, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our own redneck population right here in Ontario. In his YouTube caption, Kenny Mclean says: “This is how we tear down a pool in Southern Ontario !!!!”

McLean’s video has it all, a lifted Jeep, failed ramp construction and power tools. The only indication that there was some actual forethought involved is that the occupants of the Jeep were all wearing helmets.

On The Set – Need For Speed Movie
There are those who feel that video games are the root of all evil. Personally, I think that people need to separate fiction from reality and accept responsibility for their own actions.

Then again, when the director of the movie version of one of the most popular driving culture games says “Need for Speed is definitely accurate and authentic to real car racing culture”, just as the edit cuts to a clip of a police vehicle being flipped off the road, the root of all evil comment begins to make more sense.

This guy is a Class A jerk.

This is in no way representative of car racing culture, even if it does resemble the BMW driver in the story above. He is no racer.

Fathers Day weekend means vintage racing at Mosport!
That’s right, I said Mosport. This weekend is all about vintage racing at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and for some of us that also means using the period correct name for the legendary track.

Each June, vintage race car enthusiasts from all over North America descend upon Mosport for the Vintage Automobile Racing Associatoion of Canada‘s vintage festival. Now called the Canadian Historic Grand Prix, the weekend features all manner of race cars from really old sports cars and open wheelers to the more modern Group 70+ cars that you’ll see in the video below. The feature this year is the Porsche 944, which recalls the glory days of the Rothmans Porsche series in Canada.

A highlight of the weekend will be the “Great Canadian Racers’ Reunion” and “Legends of Mosport” hosted by Wheels Editor, Norris MacDonald on Sunday morning at 10:30 in the big tent. Fans and racers alike will have a chance to meet some of Canada’s top racers from years gone by and hear some great stories. Yours truly will be there also, soaking up as much history as I can.

Learn more here.

  • Insider Report: Man tries to jump a car, learns that's a stupid idea
  • Insider Report: Man tries to jump a car, learns that's a stupid idea
  • Insider Report: Man tries to jump a car, learns that's a stupid idea
  • Insider Report: Man tries to jump a car, learns that's a stupid idea
  • Insider Report: Man tries to jump a car, learns that's a stupid idea

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