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Insider Report: Daniel Craig drives Range Rover

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If you were on the media team of a British car company, what would you do to make a splash for a new model at one of the World’s most important auto shows? Bringing in a Hollywood icon might be a start. Last night, while I was at the launch of the Cadillac CTS, the folks at Range Rover did just that. Well sort of. They brought in actor Daniel Craig, who is the most recent actor to portray the iconic James Bond character. Craig, who seems to be rather popular with the ladies around the New York Auto Show, made an appearance behind the wheel of a bright red Range Rover Sport. While commenting on how he wasn’t able to go too fast in the new Rover, Craig said “I’d like to throw it around a bit more and see what it can do.”

2:12. Oh Dear God!
From Canadian rally co-driver Jen Horsey via Facebook, comes this stage clip from a rally way back in 1983. Posted as a teaser by Duke video, this is onboard video of the ’83 Manx Rally in Great Britain. Legendary Finnish driver Ari Vatanen is at the wheel of an Rothmans sponsored Opel, with Terry Harryman calling the corners.

World class co-drivers are known for being unflappable in the most terrifying of situations, so when Harryman says “Oh Dear God” at 2:12, you should hove some idea just how close they came to eating a cattle gate. This is what you call commitment!

DTM series is coming to North America!
Whether you are a fan of Formula 1, Indycar or even NASCAR, your favourite form of motorsport pales when compared to the DTM series. Heavily populated by factory teams, the sedan racing series produces some of the most aggressive racing of all time, and the series is coming to our continent.

The announcement was made here in New York City on the eve of the auto show, that the German Touring cars would be coming to North America, likely to share the bill with the newly formed United SportsCar Racing series in 2015. NASCAR biggie and Grand-Am founder Jim France, was the one to make the announcement, along with Hans Werner Aufrecht, who is the chairman of the governing body that oversees the DTM. This is a precursor to the building of a North American series along the lines of DTM & the Japanese Super GT.

Many race fans may not know that the current DTM Champion is a Canadian named Bruno Spengler, so it might be somewhat safe to assume that we could conceivably see a race here in Canada. Mosport anyone?

Adam Carolla goes racing
What is it with funny guys and cars? Jay Leno is one of the world’s biggest gearheads. Jerry Seinfeld has a similarly famous passion for cars, as does Tim Allen. It is well known among the grassroots crowd that smart alec radio and tv personality Adam Carolla is a huge Datsun fanatic. The former host of The Man Show has taken to vintage racing a Datsun 510 and has just released some on board video of an HMSA race at Laguna Seca last weekend. Carolla is smooth and steady and has a good dice with another 520 driver.

  • Insider Report: Daniel Craig drives Range Rover
  • Insider Report: Daniel Craig drives Range Rover
  • Insider Report: Daniel Craig drives Range Rover

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