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Insider Report: Car salesman busts a move in the showroom

Eastern Shore Hyundai in Daphne, Alabama, was filming a commercial in their showroom, complete with street dancers, when the dealership's sales manager decided to throw down a few moves of his own.

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Eastern Shore Hyundai in Daphne, Alabama, was filming a commercial in their showroom, complete with street dancers, when the dealership’s sales manager decided to throw down a few moves of his own. Sometimes, a guy’s just gotta dance. Apparently Joseph Barzelay was into break dancing when he was younger, and clearly he hasn’t lost his touch. When he busted the moonwalk, the robot and a few more classic moves, fellow employee Charles Matthews grabbed his cellphone and started recording the pure back-in-the-day gold. Matthews posted the video on YouTube on October 18 and it quickly started going viral. To date it has been viewed more than 300,000 times and has been featured on Good Morning America. Not bad for a guy from little Alabama town of just 22,000.


This Lil Red Express really hauls
While die-hard Mopar fans go crazy for Dodge’s limited edition Lil Red Express, I never really understood the allure of the tarted up D-150 pickup. Then again, I have never really been one to go all ga-ga over firetrucks either, although I do acknowledge that they are indeed cool. Built in 1978 and ’79, the step-side truck looked much like a little fire engine complete with red paint and gold lettering. A warmed up 360 CI V8, mated to a drag strip tuned automatic transmission, exhausted spent gases through vertical stack pipes, just like a big rig.

salesman busts

The Lil Red Express in the video below has very little to do with those original trucks. Sure, it has the same looks, but this one features a built diesel engine that propels this beast to an impressive 10 second quarter mile. Those vertical stacks come into play nicely when the diesel is loaded up, as it spews angry clouds of soot from the pipes.


Country star Chad Brownlee sings about Mosport

salesman busts
Ok, so that headline may not be entirely true, but I like to think that the world of country music is learning about the place I grew up at as Mosport and not the proper Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Either way, this new music video from singer Chad Brownlee features Canada’s Home of Motorsport in a big way as he sings about the Chevrolet Silverado 250 that took place earlier this year. This might just be the best promotional video that has ever been created for the track.


Faces of GM – Guy Fieri
After watching the Faces of GM story about Howard Elmer the other day, I noticed a link to a video from celebrity chef Guy Fieri. readers may not know this (although those of you who follow me on Facebook sure do) but I am a huge foodie and am a big fan of Fieri’s show Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. Whenever I visit a new city on a press trip, I always try to visit one of the places the show has been to check out the food. Of course those who have seen the show know that Guy’s ’68 Camaro is a staple on the show, so it should come as no surprise that the bleach blonde chef is a big Chevy fan.

salesman busts


15 Seconds With: BRP Can Am Commander

salesman busts
I’ve heard a lot about these new side-by-side machines, but have never driven one. For those who haven’t seen one, they are like an ATV except that they are a bit bigger, and have an actual body with two seats and a roll cage. Canadian company BRP, part of Bombardier, is at the leading edge of the market segment with their Can Am Commander model. I was happy to accept an invite from the folks at Horseshoe Resort to come out and try one on their private trail system. I had an absolute blast driving it and can’t wait to play in one again. Watch the print version of Wheels in the next couple of weeks to get my full impressions.

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